Nov. 2021 Chapter 25: A problem

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Space and a Zapper

Hurlbind explained ,'In our contest my computer will create a random problem for us. The person who solves it first will win. You can request timeouts for bathroom breaks. A light meal will be served every four hours. Your companions can wait on a bench at the side but are not allowed to interfere in any way.'

Hurlbind led her guests to an adjoining room which was full of large tables and chairs. Thenrug and Hurlbind sat down at tables in opposite corners of the room and were supplied with writing sheets, pens and a foldable white board. Naghe gulped. He knew that surpreme leader Thenrug almost failed maths in grade eight. But Thenrug made no indication of giving up.

Then one of Hurlbind's assistants went to a very large screen at one side of the room. She typed something in a nearby console, then they all waited for several minutes. Finally a text appeared:

A man has 135 Altairian dollars. Melons cost 5 dollars, pears cost 2 dollars. He pays every person who carries coconuts 25 dollars and every person who carries grapefruit 15 dollars. Jack is twice as fast as Bob. He transports them on a spaceship from point A to point B at warp 7. A second ship goes to the other direction at warp 5. The first ship has a crew three times as large as the second ship. How many apples fit on the ship if every person got only 10 dollars and Tim broke his leg at point C?

Edgeifsir excused himself, saying he had forgotten something on his shuttle. He spent some time there researching the question which was asked for the competition. He made notes on a small pad but tried to remember as much as he could. Some time later the door of the shuttle opened all by itself.

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