Nov. 2021 Chapter 23: A favour

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Space and a Zapper

Edgeifsir was enchanted by Kidelhi'Mr and her voice. As she stood there, in the center of the room reciting what must have been a poem in a language he didn't understand, didn't even think he could ever pronounce, the only thing he wished for was to hear her voice again every day. He had tears in his eyes. He could hardly bear the silence when it was over. Like in a trance he stood up from his place at the table and clapped his hands and cheered together with everyone else. He sat down, wiping the tears from his eyes, wishing she would just go on talking, but there she went again, out of the large gate at the end of the hall together with her companions. Edgeifsir looked down at his plate with the small pink creature with lettuce on bread. He didn't know if he could eat anymore.

Suddenly surpreme leader Thenrug was sitting next to Edgeifsir. He didn't notice him sitting down. He only noticed when Thenrug patted his shoulder.

'Now listen,' Thenrug told Edgeifsir ,'I saw how you look at her and maybe I can lay in a good word for you. Maybe I can get her to join your crew. But first I need your help with something. You know, while you need a communications expert for your ship I am searching for an engineer. A really good engineer. We have a few infrastructure projects here on Rubygund that I'd like to finish while I am in office. An exit for the hyperspace expressway, water teleportation to all households, putting new black matter into our local wormholes, things like that.'

Thenrug sighes ',I have found that engineer. Problem is it will not be easy to persuade her to work for me...'

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