Robyn Hoodie chapter 25: Order… Oooooorder!

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Ding Dong, Dong Ding, Clank Bong Ding Dong….1

“Heya! Is it OK if I sign for delivery on your behalf here? That way we can keep at least one Ariana distance2, OK? OK. The package is over there in the corner. Thanks and goodbye….”

That is the fifth delivery van today.

Parts for the prototype of Robyn’s electric unicycle are starting to come in. She says there will probably be three or four more deliveries before she can really get started. This sucks, because I am also expecting a parcel that I do not specifically want to expose to sisterly scrutiny. The only solution is to beat her to the door every time3. Meanwhile Robyn is rummaging through the boiler room to put together her tool kit for the build. So far the yellow thing that is always lost remains lost. She did find the blue thing that usually replaces the yellow thing, but is significantly shorter, the Allen keys, some wrenches, a blowtorch and a large hammer.4

Finally the large pink box arrives and I succeed in hiding it before Robyn gets a chance to see it, nearly tripping over some of the larger parts Robyn has laid out on the hallway floor. She can have the front door from now on, if she wants to. I call out “Your turn” when the doorbell goes again.

Up in my room, flickering of the lights indicates that Robyn has started on the electrical part of construction. Then she texts me with a really big “HEEEEEELP!!!!”. Turns out she needs me to put my finger on the sprocket while she ratchets it to the pinion bracket (or something). It goes like this: “Hold iiiit… hold iiiit… pull your finger awaaay….NOW!!”.


“Sorry, did that hurt a lot?”

“Not really” (It did, but why admit it?)

I’ll write that down in my diary when I can hold my pen again.

Meanwhile, Robyn is welding on the unicorn spike, with online encouragements from Joan.

1 Our Big Ben doorbell needs some maintenance. 2 Allegedly, she's 1.5 metres tall.3Not actually beating her for propulsive purposes, just be at the door faster than she is. You knew that, right?4Vital for every engineering job, can replace most missing special tools or finish your Thor costume for Samhain if needed.

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