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Posted: 24th July 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue, titled Signs: A sign that says And More Parking, a sign pointing to Toilets and Inspiration, a very large yellow lily, a sign pointing upward to Bedrooms, a grasshopper half-hidden in tall grass, a golden chafer beetle, a common ringlet butterfly perched on a railing, and a duck in a river.

The signs are good that you're really going to enjoy this week's issue. Lots of fascinating bugs to consider, thanks to the eagle-eyed Tavaron and her fantastic garden. Nature is large and in charge in Austria. I have a related video for you. I have learned my lesson: when I made one and called it 'Bugs'n'Slugs', y'all boycotted the video. This time, I didn't show the scary things, just the pretty butterflies. Enjoy. It's amazing to me what gorgeous butterflies they find on other continents, and you will enjoy the North American ones, too. Nature's a free show, people: treasure it. Learn to care for it.

Speaking of natural beauty, Paulh has a meditation on the role of nature in his choice of home venue. [Spoiler: he lives in a trailer, which is a moveable feast.] See his photos and read his story in our 'Road Taken' series.

There is much of local interest here, for a wide variety of localities. Bluebottle is back to top his guide entry on the Postboxes of the Isle of Wight. This week, learn about the postbox toppers of the Isle of Wight. It's a yarnbombing extravaganza.

Bluebottle has also found signage everywhere. Signage that not only points to things but also messes with your head. Join him in puzzlement.

Speaking of puzzlement – also Art with a capital A – Paigetheoracle has a new hobby. It's hard to explain, so you'd better just look at the examples he's shown us. I decided to call them pop culture reimaginings. They're cool.

Awix's review, too, is about puzzling art. This art is from France, which makes it even more highbrow and confusing. I'd say ask Superfrenchie but I'm not sure she'd thank me.

So: nature, unusual sights, reflections on life, the universe, and etc, humour, cinema, and a cool kitty...what am I missing?

Oh, yeah. Fiction. As you know, two of our novelists finished up a few weeks ago. This week, another one bites the du�, er, skids to a ha�, er, finishes with a flourish. That's it. Read chapter 36 of Balance of Probabilities. My thought is that probabilities are high that you will want to go back and read it again to make sure you understood everything. That's what the archive is for. Three of us forge on ahead, fighting fatigue, recalcitrant characters (Tavaron finally got hers to cooperate, she says), and, in my case, the sheer size of Mesopotamia. Anyway, come join us for adventures in storytelling. You need a break from reality and Hollywood is on strike and you can't spend all of your time watching Barbenheimer.

Have a good week, friends. Stay cool or warm, depending on which side of the equator you're on, and remember to take your cameras with you wherever you go. First enjoy, then share. It's a Hitchhiker thing to do.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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A country road.

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Rainbow, No Rain

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