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A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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(Peers at photo) There really is a ghostly figure there, between Stan and Ollie!

w-w-w-what??? smiley - ghost

So .... (searches for rational explanation) .. ummmm...

Great photo!

cc smiley - redwine

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - ghost we'd be happy to hear your findings/thoughts! smiley - ghost

smiley - run

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I thought at first it might be a freak reflection/refraction thing. Something to do with the time of day and the light conditions.

But that ghost has a different facial expression from the figures on the statues. Or so it seems to me.

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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Did Andy have a hat on GB?

But...There's nothing there to reflect an image...unless he took it from a bus doorway!

Very spooky!smiley - ghostsmiley - cheers

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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(peers at photo again) Yes! it does have a completely different facial expression! It definitely looks like Stan to me, or could be a much thinner Ollie, although, who knows? it could be someone else entirely. And who? And why?

I had a book once about spirit photograpy, starting with the Victorians and then onwards into a study of various ectoplasmic hoaxes through the ages.

I kind of love this subject though, despite the scepticism, because I think it suggests a desire to see beyond, into another world, a window into the unknown.

I definitely have this desire.

Which is why this photo fascinates me.

Although there are many convincing arguments as to what a camera lens can make us believe, via light reflection, double exposure and things. And I'm fascinated by this too.

I'm fine with the rational explanations, in fact, provided they don't damage my pull towards mystery. Which could be one of those phrases which contradicts itself and says two different things at the same time.

Two different things at the same time .... oooh! smiley - ghost

That's strange, I almost understood something there, smiley - rofl, but now I can't grasp it.

Great stuff! Love this pic.

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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Oh, Andy! So that's who it is! smiley - rofl

Who's Andy??

Must be GB's partner. heheh. The photographer.

Now that's a thought! The reflection of the photographer can show up.

(heads out to try it out. Its when your reflection looks back at you, but its not you ...... )

eeek! that's majory scary ..

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

It's not my partner Andy in the photo. This was before "our time" though, so I wasn't with him.

I have a very personal photo, which features a very large "feather" completely slicing my face, pointing past my daughter and straight towards my daughter-in-law who was 6 months pregnant. We were at my sister's house, celebrating her birthday. The following day my daughter-in-law went into labour and eventually gave birth to the very premature Harrison, who remained in hospital for 6 months, and was on oxygen for months following his release. He's now a strapping 12y.o. and going to senior school!

I could sent it to Dmitri as an email attachment, but I don't have an online photo album anymore, to link to for anyone else to see smiley - sadface

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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Hanging out with the lads. The ghost might not have realised Stan and Ollie were just statues

A ghost photo! Eeeeek!

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paulh, making lemonade from the lemons that life has given me

The ghost's face looks familiar. W.C. Fields?

Hardy lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, and died suddenly.

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