Ulverston Ghost

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Ulverston Ghost

A ghostly presence?

Galaxy Babe writes:

Some time ago, my partner Andy visited Ulverston, birthplace of Stan Laurel of Laurel & Hardy fame. He visited the house where Stan was born, then stopped by their statues for a photo opportunity. As he was waiting for passers-by to disperse so they wouldn’t be in the way of a great photo, the air suddenly got cold, and by the time the coast was clear, it was decidedly chilly, even though the sun was shining brightly. Happy with his clear photo, Andy was surprised upon uploading it to find it smudged, or so he thought. Upon closer inspection, he cried out loud: 'What is that?' There appears to be a figure, between the two statues, a ghostly image, kind of blurred, wearing a bowler hat, taller than Stan, slimmer than Ollie, although Ollie did lose an awful lot of weight towards the end of his life...
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