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Posted: 19th October 2020

A Bird in the Bush, and Fruit on the Tree

Sparrow in a bush by DG.

It's autumn, friends. The frost is just about on the pumpkin, and the pumpkin has finally turned orange. The days grow shorter, and we draw nearer to the fire. October is a good month for ghost stories.

Of course, Willem and his friends are finding the days getting longer and warmer, and hopefully getting some good rain. He's here this week with another beautiful painting, and story to go with it.

Our planet continues to be winsome, even in the midst of fire, flood, and human insanity. Let us celebrate what we can, however we can, while we can.

Here are some of this week's highlights:
    Apples in Tavaron's garden.
    Apples (not Tomatoes)
  • Stunning photography: from morning fog to exotic animals to highland streams, we've got things for you to ooh and aah at. So ooh and aah. Please try not to misidentify the produce: the Editor has to placate the garden photographers.
  • Stories to ponder: there's an ongoing sage to appreciate, and Awix has a thoughtful cinema review.
  • 'How-to' advice: I'll tell you how to turn off the First Attention. A guest from the past will tell you how to catch a turkey, unless it's illegal (which it is in Pennsylvania these days). I also have some tips for those who are busy researching their November 'holes in history' project. Lots to see and do!
  • There's a picture quiz. There are also cartoons and comics to tickle your funnybone and make you think.
  • Informative Stuff, like Factoid Fred's photo essay on a trestle bridge. You are always smarter after reading the h2g2 Post.
  • Photo and video action: Jax and Opie are back with some photo fun. Tavaron shows you the blackbird who came to dinner. I've videoed some low-hanging birds.

Read, comment, pass things around. Seriously: we appreciate all the retweets, shares, and likes on social media. Our readership is climbing. That's a good thing. Remember to wear your masks when out, and macs, too, if it's raining. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: ...a vast and self-conscious story, a sort of seamless repetitious epic in which women married truckers and no-good gambles but stood by them until they got a divorce and the men sat in bars plotting seductions and how to get back home, and they came together hot as two-dollar pistols and parted in disgust and worried about the babies....There was nothing that was not banal, there was no phrase that was not a cliché...this endless soap opera of America's bottom dogs.

– Peter Straub, describing country music

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Video Extra: No Spitting

Water Birds

Water Birds on the Allegheny River by DG.


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