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Posted: 14th September 2020

Human and Animal Behaviour

Woolly Bottlebrush, by Willem.The world around us is beautiful, if we learn to stop setting fire to it, polluting it, or ripping it to shreds. Our fellow creatures, too, are beautiful, most of the time, and we should learn to share the planet. Our fellow humans? Puzzling, often. Endearing, sometimes. Amusing, too.

We have got so much exciting Stuff for you this week, it's hard to know where to begin.

Let's start with that photo. It's from Willem's winter herping trip to the Wolkberg. He and his friends saw lots of exotic snakes and lizards and such. This week, we've got so many spectacular photos to show you that we decided to try something new. To truly enjoy this episode of 'Colours of Wildlife', you really need to be using the Pliny skin. If you're in Ripley, you'll have to click the link to see the photos, but if you're in Pliny, you can enjoy the superior-type slideshow right where it is on the page. Use your Youtube 'pause' button to stop while you read Willem's description of each photo. (Note: if you haven't been reading the Post Editorial Page in Pliny, you've been missing out on the embedded videos, so start doing that right away.)

We're full of surprises like that. So read the instructions carefully.
Hexagonal washcloth (blue variegated), knitted and photographed by Mrs Hoggett.

  • Mrs Hoggett has made a Clever Thing: a hexagonal washcloth. They're pretty and useful, these washcloths. If you are literate in Crochet, you will appreciate the crocheting guide enclosed. If not, just enjoy the pictures. Maybe Sasha will make you one if you ask nicely and offer to write a guide entry.
  • Our contributors have had lots of wildlife adventures this week. Factoid Fred (aka Paigetheoracle) has been yelling at gulls, who fail to appreciate his views on child-rearing. Meanwhile, Freewayriding's Buddha has been visited by a frantic bird who was either seeking enlightenment or a way out. It's all the fault of Jax the cat.
  • Speaking of cats, our intrepid vet-of-the-week is Kitkat, who performed amazing surgery on Brownie the kitten over at the Hoggett Farm. If you've never heard of a botfly, beware: this is a bit like the plot of Alien. It has a happy ending, as the monster is defeated.
  • Speaking of monsters, have fun guessing the identity of FWR's Very Ugly Caterpillar. This might make a good children's book for Wednesday and Pugsly.
  • Fruit has ripened. People have taken road trips and found interesting things. Humour has been committed. Awix has watched another movie. SashaQ has filmed birds and I have filmed rodents, and Willem has drawn a hellworld and a pussycat. In short, we've got what you've come to expect here: the variety that is the spice of hitchhiking.
Remember that you're supposed to be remembering for us, and sending in your photos, writings, and reportage. Have a good week. And try not to set fire to anything.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Scintillate, scintillate, diminutive stellar orb. How inexplicable to me seems the stupendous problem of your existence. Elevated at such an immeasurable distance in an apparently perpendicular direction from this terrestrial planet which we occupy, resembling in thy dazzling and unapproachable effulgence a gem of purest carbon set solitaire in a university of space..

– Fred McFeely Rogers

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Zen Adventure

Buddhist Bird by FWR.



We're Speechless

Shopping trolley in river by Paigetheoracle. He didn't put it there, he just took the picture.


How to Remove a
Botfly Larva

Brownie the kitten, completely free of botfly parasites, by Mrs Hoggett.
  • Video
  • Rodents thinking hard.

  • How to:
  • Crochet a hexagonal washcloth.


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