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Posted: 13th July 2020


Panorama by Kitkat
I'm not talking about moving in

And I don't want to change your life

But there's a warm wind blowing, the stars are out…

Parker McGee

We've been looking around. So have you, to judge from what gets thrown over the virtual transom. Kitkat sent this panorama from the farm. We're thankful. Somehow, our inability to get too close to each other these days makes us more alert to what we can see, hear, and perceive with our other senses, some of which may, or may not, be over the International Paranormalcy Line. You can judge for yourselves from what's in this issue. It's kind of amazing. We're bordering on the miraculous here, no lie.

I would urge you to give each and every photograph in this collection its due attention. Likewise the videos, of which there are several. Then read the features, essays, fiction, and poetry. And think: nobody in this mag is trying to sell anything. They don't want you to join a club1 or sign a petition or contribute to any fund. They just want to share the view from their window, garden, street, or mountain top.

They're not talking about moving in, and they don't want to change your life. You might, though – if you do, will you tell us about it? Confession: that song lyric is a mondegreen for me. I always heard, 'I'm not talkin' 'bout millennia…' and I thought it was a cool thing to say. So it goes.

Whatever they're talking about, please pay heed.
Crow on Shed Roof by DG
  • Photography at its finest: From the wide-open spaces and all they contain, to the tiniest snail on the log, we have pictures and videos of nature's bounty. Be sure to learn what an anhinga is, and see how awesome. We even have make-believe pictures, or pictures about make-believe things like Discord, and Willem's Twengilon, and that weird invisible guy with the bowler hat Magritte's always haunting us with.
  • Creative writing: ongoing graphic stories, like Desideria and whatever-it-is Bluebottle's telling. 'It's in the Cards', part 3 this week. If you like Agatha Christie, you're bound to love this story by Reefgirl. There's a poem by Paigetheoracle, too.
  • Thoughty Stuff: Awix on artsy cinema, me on arty writing, me again on the Great Awoke-ening, which is what I'm calling the Woke revolution (patent pending), and some dead people telling us why they built those statues everyone's tearing down. (I thought you might want to know what they thought they were doing. It's kind of weird.)
  • Jokes and snark and a quiz. Of course.

A word from Robbie Stamp: work on being a good ancestor. If they built a statue to you, would they sooner or later have to take it down? What would you rather leave behind to remember you than a bronze pigeon roost? Send us pics of your public art, and share your thoughts. And have a good week!

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Quote of the Week:   You've got to tell the truth before you get to reconciliation.

– Bryan Stevenson, US lawyer and civil rights activist

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Labrador Ducks

Labrador Ducks by Willem


  • Op/Ed
  • The Great Awoke-ening.


Dappled Things

Snail on Log by Kitkat


Yarrow by Tavaron


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