Anhingas Nesting

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Anhingas Nesting

This Week a pair of anhingas decided to build a nest on a low-hanging branch of an oak tree over a pond outside our window.

Anhingas live in Florida year-round. They are also called "water turkeys" because of a turkey-like fantail. Some call them "snakebirds" because they can appear to be a watersnake with only a long black neck and head above water.

If we get a visit from a flock of 15-20 anhingas, they swim side-by-side underwater, along the length of the pond, surfacing with the small fish they have herded for lunch.

Anhingas by Phred FirecloudAnhingas by Phred Firecloud

The males tend the nest during incubation (in July) an average of 55% of the time compared to 45% for the female. The darker male gathers about 81% of the nesting material. This male seems good at ripping off tough oak twigs and branches.

Anhingas can dive 60 feet deep, soar with the thermals, and fly flat and level very fast..they have a flat, cross-shaped appearance in flight.

Here is a video titled 'Nesting Anhingas'.

Bob's Blog is here.

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