A Chosen People

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Excerpt from an address printed in the magazine Confederate Veteran for January 1921. Presented without comment (but with links to the Edited Guide) to answer the question, 'Who are these people who put up all those statues?'

A Chosen People

Historical Evening Address at Asheville Convention, U. D. C. [=United Daughters of the Confederacy], by Mrs. A. A. [Susie S.] Campbell, Historian General.

Madam President, Veterans, Daughters of the Confederacy, and Fellow Citizens: We are assembled here for our annual voyage to the land of memory, the Confederate States of America. We will sail on the good ship Retrospect, which never lost a passenger. Matthew Fontaine Maury is our commodore, the Alabama, commanded by Admiral Raphael Semmes, is our convoy, followed by the ironclad Virginia and a flotilla manned by men as brave as ever sailed the Seven Seas.

These are all enchanted ships. They come when we signal them and bear us instantly to the harbor of long ago, which is the chief port of the land of memory. There are the battle fields fought over by the blue and the gray; there "to the sessions of sweet, silent thought we summon up remembrance of things past'[Grey's 'Elegy'] and ponder why this fair land is seen only
by looking backward.

There was once a city which gave the title to the first and still the greatest of epic poems. Many walls have fallen and many kings have been exiled since Homer sang of Troy, but cold is the heart that has never thrilled at the name of Hector or Achilles; and so, I fancy, throughout all time the names of Lee and Jackson shall shine with supernal glory, lighting the souls of men to noble deeds.

Why did the South fail with a righteous cause with such leaders, with an army that never quailed at danger, with a womanhood whose heroism was an inspiration to her men? 'There is a divinity that shapes our ends, roughhew them how we will. [Shakespeare, Hamlet]. Back in some remote antiquity our finite minds cannot fathom God ordained the discovery of America, so that the New World and the new conceptions of religion might be coordained, the one affording a refuge to the other. In a peculiar sense we have been a chosen people, heirs of the promise to those who honor the great Ruler of the universe.

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