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Posted: 9th September 2019

September Roses

Window and Rose by Minorvogonpoet There's no questioning that fall is moving into the Northern Hemisphere. We enjoy the late blooms and the afternoon sunshine, when we get them. We look forward to those crisp nights and leaf displays, if we're that way inclined. We start to shiver when we anticipate the looming horrors of 31 October. (We refer, of course, to Halloween.)

In the meantime, let's take our days one at a time, and gather we rosebuds while we may. Also look at nice flowers and read stories and watch videos and yuck it up. Eat and drink what you like, vegan or otherwise, but being merry is a medicine that suits all of us, from John o' Groats, wherever that is, to Pitcairn's Island and to infinity and beyond.

Summary of issue will follow a few brief announcements.

Pink Roses by Tavaron
Enjoy your garden today,
says Mother Nature.
What the heck, practicing an art isn't a way to earn money. It's a way to make one's soul grow.

Bon voyage.

Kurt Vonnegut
    Vaslav Nijinsky Being a Rose
  • Nature runs wild in this issue. Willem has another bird you may not know. Freewayriding has what he calls 'another smiley - bleeping photo essay', wot I made him send me. It's got some surprisingly frank wildlife action. Also cuteness. The wildlife people need your help, too: you've got to caption the eagle and help Suzie Q Superfrenchie figure out the names of the flowers she found in Normandy. We know you're up to it.
  • Speaking of work to do, there are some bridge-related quizzes for you to sort out. While you're doing that, think about what you want to tell us for the Create theme this month, which is all about building bridges.
  • We continue to learn from the black-and-white photos. We've concluded that this sort of Stuff trains your brain. See? And you don't even have to pay a thousand bucks/pounds/euros for a weekend seminar. The h2g2 Post: saving you time and money. There's a bonus video in here: a retrospective art show of the summer's black-and-white photos. Don't miss it, there are a couple of surprises involved.
  • The humour's funny. We guarantee it: it has been laboratory tested by our trained experts. We also guarantee this humour to contain at least one dinosaur, numerous demons, and an alien. Allergy Warning: Product Contains Puns.
  • There's music in these pages. And fiction, advice, a review, and some poems. One of the poems is more serious than the other. See if you can sort out which is which.

Let everybody know what you think of this content (House Rules apply, however). Send me more Stuff, so Milla won't accuse me of bullying the Core Team again. And have a great week!

Create September 2019 by Freewayriding
September Create Challenge:
Building Bridges

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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  • All Manner of Things.


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