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Posted: 2nd September 2019

Late-Blooming Wonders

Late Lily by Dmitri Gheorgheni We enjoy these cooler days when they come. But we're grateful for the beauty of the late-blooming flowers, the lingering birdsong, the still-green countryside. Autumn will be here soon enough, and winter. Let's enjoy these gifts while we have them.

The h2g2 contributors have also brought gifts to the table. We should appreciate. They share many things with us: a chuckle, a pointed observation, a revelation, a sense of wonder. You know what to do with them: stop, look, listen. Reply. Plan your own contribution.

This month's Create theme is 'Building Bridges'. We don't want to know if you think building bridges is a good idea. You're here already. We don't want you to try and talk people into building bridges, either. We want you to share ways in which that's happened in your experience. Have you built any bridges? Have other people built bridges to you?

Black-Eyed Susans and Hibiscus by Dmitri Gheorgheni

(Those are the neighbours' flowers. Isn't it nice of them to have those in their front yard where we can see them every day?)

Oh, the things you learn on the internet. Do you know what a CAPTCHA is? Of course you do, you curse at it whenever you log into h2g2. But do you know what it stands for? I didn't: I hadn't even thought about it. And then some nice fella on Youtube explained that it stands for 'Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart'. My response is twofold: 'Oh, wow, how clever is this acronym?' and 'Lots of luck, people.'

One Turing Test that never fails: read h2g2. If you do not feel the urge to write back snarkily and/or contribute something yourself, you are a) an AI, or b) dead.

Go read the cool Stuff! Send more! And have a great week!

Create September 2019 by Freewayriding
September Create Challenge:
Building Bridges

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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