A Story Without Adjectives

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A Story Without Adjectives

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I saw dollops of snow on the branches of evergreens as I climbed the mountain.

My path had been travelled by a host of other hikers in the past.

Stones and bits of gravel dotted the way, with roots snaking their way

in an attempt

to make me trip.

I reached a cottage on the summit. This was my destination. The man who came out

to greet me had eyes that resembled the sky. His hair shone like

silver. I could not

see wrinkles on his face, yet he had the wisdom of one who had seen

many days and nights

in the past.

"Did you bring the leaves?" he asked, shaking my hand. Hope was etched

in his face.

"Yes," I replied. "I was in a hurry when I raked them, so you may find

twigs and acorns scattered among them.

"My hogs will enjoy the acorns," the man replied. "The leaves will

become mulch. They will

fertilize the vegetables in my garden."

"Do you have the payment I requested?" I asked.

"Yes. I cannot understand your reasons for wanting it, but you

probably didn't know why

I would want your leaves."

"Yes, that is true." I thanked him and headed down the mountainside

clutching a copy of the latest issue of The H2G2 Post.

[Actuially, "latest" might be an adjective, so maybe it has one adjective]
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