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Posted: 13th May 2019

You're So Vain

Dimetredon skull. You remember that song that goes, 'You're so vain, you prob'ly think this song is about you'? I had that moment last week when Willem sent me this picture and the article that goes with it. It's a Dimetrodon. My first thought was, 'My teeth are seriously maloccluded...' followed by, 'Hey, wait a minute...' Suffice it to say, this yummy ancient critter has no more to do with the Post Editor than any other life form. You'll enjoy the article, as usual. Please remember that Willem's book is available on Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and is soon to be a runaway best seller, if Robbie Stamp and the Core Team have anything to do with it. Grab your copy and see what the fuss is about!

What's will this week's issue do besides surprise the Post Editor with paleontological autoscopy? Plenty! Viz.:
Road ahead.

  • A plethora of quizzes. So many, they spilled over the section. We even got the pub quiz from the 20th Anniversary Meet, for those of you who missed it the first time! Plus a Suzie Q quiz and a Where's Waldo? Enjoy.
  • Laughs galore.
  • Pictures that will awe and inspire.
  • A movie review without superheroes.
  • Fiction that will have you scratching your head, as usual.
  • Opportunities to participate, weigh in, and speculate.

There are themes this week: perspectives. Nomenclature. Things and situations that look like other things and situations. Art and….other art. Birds. Flowers. Take a look, and talk among yourselves.

Remember to send your contributions. And have a good week!

Anecdote of the Week:
My little sister and I were at my great-grandmother's house for an Easter egg hunt. To make it fair, we were segregated, I in the front yard, my sister in the back. The previous year this was reversed. Also, we were each given a dozen eggs to find. I found a bakers dozen. The previous year my sister only found 11.

Baron Grim

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