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Posted: 25th February 2019

Flowers in the Snow

Snowdrops by Tavaron Tavaron sent us this photo of snowdrops in Austria. We're grateful: it reminds us that there is spring waiting on the other side of this winter. At this point, the charms of snow are fading; we're looking forward to the re-emergence of the green stuff. Speaking of things to look forward to: are you planning to be in London, England on the weekend of 27/28 April 2019? That's when the h2g2 20th Anniversary Meet is taking place. Use that link to learn more about when, where, what activities are planned, who's coming, etc. Sign up for some fun. Robbie Stamp will be there along with a lot of other people you may recognise from their usernames. The Post Editor, as always, will cheer you on virtually. We're always glad to see Meet Season arrive – it's a happy time of year – and this year, there's a lot to celebrate. Twenty years is a long time in internet years: it's like a century anywhere else. Come help make plans for the future.

This week marks the end of the February Create Challenge. Cactuscafé was excited by this one, once we'd explained the plot of Groundhog Day to her. Our artist watched the film, then declared: ''To apply my new found not-knowledge to a piece for Create is a challenge which I could work on and almost enjoy for the next seemingly million years.' Fortunately, it didn't take her that long to produce the visual pieces in this week's issue, appropriated titled 'Time Loop #1 and #2'. You'll enjoy them. There are no groundhogs involved.
Camouflaged Egyptians
If you're tired of groundhogs and all their works and pomps, you might enjoy the March Create Challenge coming up this week. It's called 'Workplace Follies', and it invites you to reminisce about interesting, unusual, or jocular happenings at work. This one's going to be fun. Sooner or later, everyone has a work story to tell. We're grateful to bobstafford for this excellent challenge.

What else is in this issue? The usual snark, humour, quizzes, information and advice. Awix tells us why Roma is Oscar bait. Willem takes us forward in the time machine a bit on the journey to mammals, while Desideria's demon friends continue their journey to Earth. His sister, on the other hand, made a trek to Moscow. We got a pic.

Speaking of pics, we have more awe-inspiring photography. It will make you gasp, chortle, and think, not necessarily in that order or all at one time. The fiction writers have the week off, so we bring extra videos. Like short stories, videos have plots. These videos have plots involving wildlife, song-writing, and existential despair. You think we can't do a movie about existential despair? Think again, frood. We are so deep around here, we frequently get mistaken for the Mohorovicic Discontinuity.

Lapwings and planes are aloft, cats are wanting in from the cold, and the words of the prophets are definitely not written on the courthouse walls. We are cryptic on purpose: we want you to read all this Stuff.

Speaking of Stuff, send some! And have a great week!

REMINDER: Our new book, Colours of Wildlife: An Artist's Celebration of Biodiversity, by Willem, can still be ordered from Lulu. You know you want this.

Create March 2019 by Freewayriding
March Create Challenge:
Workplace Follies

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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  • Schubert meets Shubert.

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  • Kafka fights City Hall.

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  • A Celebration of Birds.


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