March 2019 Create Challenge: Workplace Follies

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March 2019 Create Challenge: Workplace Follies

March 2019 Create Challenge by Freewayriding

Grateful acknowledgement to bobstafford for this Create Challenge.

I've been working on the railroad, all the livelong day….
I've got an old mule, and her name is Sal, fifteen years on the Erie Canal….

Where do you work? Indoors, out? In an office, or on the high seas? Or do you, like the Post Editor, assault the internet ether from your home office while fending off cats in your pyjamas? (How did the cats get in your pyjamas?)

Wherever you work – or worked, should you have reached retirement age – you probably have stories to tell.

  • What happened that was interesting? Unusual?
  • Any pranks you want to tell us about that won't get you into trouble with the police?
  • Did you meet any interesting characters around the office?
  • Any mysterious goings-on you'd like to share?
  • What, if anything, have you learned in your working life, other than 'lunchtime is an illusion'?

Share your working stories with us! Write poems, essays, and tales. Send us photos or artwork. Write Guide Entries on the history of working. Want some ideas? Read Studs Terkel's landmark book Working, or go watch the musical. Then get back to us!

We'll be on a long lunch break, but the secretary will take a message.


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