Post Quiz: Snow

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Post Quiz: Snow

Snow. About this time of year, most of us hate it. How much do you know about it?

  1. What word means 'fear of snow'?
    • Ornithophobia
    • Chionophobia
    • Hodophobia
    • Ailurophobia
  2. According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, what is snow?
    • Frozen water
    • A state of mind
    • A mineral
    • Supercooled plasma
  3. What causes pink snow?
    • Algae
    • Spill in the paint factory
    • Solar flares
    • Crystal formation in the stratosphere
  4. What record did 7600 Canadians set in Saskatoon on 31 January 2016?
    • The most frostbite patients in a hospital at one time.
    • The largest snowman on the planet.
    • The largest number of winter swimmers in one place.
    • The biggest snowball fight in history.
  5. What measure did the Syracuse, New York council pass in 1992?
    • A law against snowboarding inside the city limits.
    • A law requiring mufflers on snowblowers.
    • A law making snow illegal until Christmas Eve.
    • A law requiring police cars to be fitted with snow plough blades.
  6. What country holds the record for most snow in one day?
    • Russia
    • Canada
    • Norway
    • Italy
  7. What is a snow roller?
    • A form of recreational vehicle.
    • A person who rolls naked in the snow.
    • A rare meteorological phenomenon.
    • A member of a winter rock band.
  8. What is graupel?
    • A tool you use to climb snow-covered alps.
    • Another name for snow pellets.
    • What you do when shovelling ice off a frozen sidewalk.
    • An Austrian winter sport.
  9. What is a major difference between thundersnow and an ordinary rainy thunderstorm?
    • Thundersnow is louder.
    • Thundersnow is more dangerous.
    • Thundersnow always causes groundhogs to come out of their burrows.
    • Snow thunder can't be heard as far away as regular thunder.
  10. Which of these winter songs was recorded by The Walkmen?
    • While I Shovel the Snow
    • A Hazy Shade of Winter
    • The Ice of Boston
    • Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

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