Post Quiz: Snow - Answers

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Post Quiz: Snow - Answers

Snow. How much did you know about it? And have you shovelled your walk yet?

  1. What word means 'fear of snow'?
    • Chionophobia. ('Chioni' is Greek for snow. Yes, they get some sometimes.)
  2. According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, what is snow?
    • A mineral. (The NSIDC say, 'A mineral is a naturally occurring homogeneous solid, inorganically formed, with a definite chemical composition and an ordered atomic arrangement.' Go argue with them.)
  3. What causes pink snow?
    • Algae. (Yep.)
  4. What record did 7600 Canadians set in Saskatoon on 31 January 2016?
    • The biggest snowball fight in history. (They had nothing better to do in Saskatoon that winter.)
  5. What measure did the Syracuse, New York council pass in 1992?
    • A law making snow illegal until Christmas Eve. (It snowed, anyway. Scofflaw.)
  6. What country holds the record for most snow in one day?
    • Italy. (Capracotta, Italy, got 100.8 inches of snow in just 18 hours on 5 March 2015.)
  7. What is a snow roller?
    • A rare meteorological phenomenon. (See the Edited Guide and the picture at the bottom of this page.)
  8. What is graupel?
    • Another name for snow pellets. (Also called 'soft hail'.)
  9. What is a major difference between thundersnow and an ordinary rainy thunderstorm?
    • Snow thunder can't be heard as far away as regular thunder. (The snow muffles the sound.)
  10. Which of these winter songs was recorded by The Walkmen?

Enough about snow. Get that shovel out.

Snow Rollers
I'd rather roll in clover.
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