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Posted: 21st January 2019

Looking Around

Winter Farm by Dmitri Gheorgheni

The winter winds blow,

And we shall have snow,

And what will 2legs do then, poor thing?

He'll bake some bread, and fill his head

With quizzes and jokes and all sorts of h2g2 things.

We've got the solution to the January blues right here, folks. Lots of things to read, look at, and be challenged by. Lots of opportunities for engagement, whether it be a hot conversation about where, exactly, that photo was taken, and whether the photographer was hanging upside down from a spaceship at the time, to inspiration for your latest photo, story, or Guide Entry. Don't forget to give the Create Challenge a go. Put your pixels where your mouth is.

What have we got this week?
Lola's New Coat by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • We have birds! Willem shows you the endearing Humblot's Flycatcher, and SashaQ rounds up the birds of 2018. They don't stop there. Sasha also has a video, bird-related. The title is significant: for a couple of weeks now, Paulh has been trying to hijack all the Post conversations to talk about that Mary Poppins movie. Note, Paul: Sasha's video is called 'Feed the Birds: £4.99 a Bag'. See? Topical.
  • Other amazing things have been seen: a rose. In winter. I did not know this was possible. Also some giant, multicoloured snails. In Brighton, of all places. Go hunting in this issue for more amazing photographic finds.
  • Awix has had another cinematic experience. We'll let him tell it.
  • You have work to do: there are quizzes.
  • There's poetry! From those inspired lunatics over on the Daydream Journal. The subject is AI. See if you can guess why Freewayriding's wife is mad at him. (Hint: look at the picture.)
  • We have fiction: in story form, from Paigetheoracle, and in graphic form, from Willem. Keep up with the serials.
  • There's the first installment in a new musical video series I call 'Jazz Babies Concerts'. I got some really weird old sheet music for Christmas. (My sisters raided an antique store.) It's all about Tin Pan Alley. Come and sing along! This one is bird-related to fit the week's theme.
  • There's news on the Public Domain front. There's Op/Ed to argue with and writing advice to groan over. There are jokes to groan even more loudly over.
1905 advert for Kinder piano footrest for short piano players
So read, leave comments, and Send More Stuff! And have a great week!

REMINDER Just a reminder about our new book, Colours of Wildlife: An Artist's Celebration of Biodiversity, by Willem. You can order your personal copy from Lulu, our new publisher. There's even a hardcover edition! We know you've been waiting for this. Congratulations to Willem and the editing team for this one.
Snow, what else?

Weather Update: Here is the Post Office today, 20 January. Some kind person came along and cleared our walk with a snowblower. We hadn't been able to locate the sidewalk, and were tunneling into grass. The mayor of Pittsburgh tweeted, 'I used to like snow.' Willem, enjoy your sunshine.

Create January 2019 by Freewayriding
January Create Challenge:
Drawing Inspiration from
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