Post Quiz: The Wonderful Marxes

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Post Quiz: The Wonderful Marxes

We all know the old jokes about 'Groucho Marxism'. But can you separate the Marxes from the Marxists? Multiple choice.

  1. Which of these was not one of Groucho's brothers?
    • Chico
    • Gummo
    • Zeppo
    • Bruno
  2. Minnie Marx was the Marx Brothers' mother, but who was her brother?
    • George M Cohan
    • Al Shean
    • Karl Marx
    • Samuel Goldwyn
  3. Speaking of Minnie Marx, what was her mother's claim to fame?
    • She played the piano in the nude.
    • She worked with a trained seal.
    • She was a highwire bicyclist.
    • She was a yodeling harpist.
  4. Groucho's great-nephew has been in what movies?
    • Star Wars
    • National Lampoon
    • Bad News Bears
    • Ghostbusters
  5. Eleanor and Laura Marx were daughters of Karl. What did they have in common?
    • They both committed suicide.
    • They both became actresses.
    • They both became Buddhists.
    • They both opposed socialism.
  6. What is Malcolm Justin Marx's profession?
    • Lawyer
    • Socialist member of parliament
    • Rugby player
    • Stand-up comic
  7. What is remarkable about Bernard Marx?
    • He's a Russian oligarch.
    • He wrote 42 hit songs.
    • He invented the player piano.
    • He's a fictional character in a science fiction novel.
  8. Who was Friedrich Heinrich Adolf Bernhard Marx friends with?
    • Leon Trotsky
    • Felix Mendelssohn
    • Moses Mendelssohn
    • Friedrich Engels
  9. Louis Marx, the 'Henry Ford of the toy industry', was not related to either Karl or Groucho. What was his wife's maiden name?
    • Engels
    • Hasenpfeffer
    • Blackadder
    • Washington
  10. If you win the Erwin Marx Award, what is your profession?
    • Comedy writer
    • Social activist
    • Composer
    • Engineer.

They certainly made their marks on the world. Click the cigar for answers.

Groucho Marx.
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