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Posted: 7th January 2019

Turn the Page

Handmade blanket with Cat by Dmitri Gheorgheni

You're like a reader,

Stuck on the same page…

But life goes on either way,

Instead of reading the same words,

Just turn the page.

Neil and Leandra

Last week, we quoted Tennyson. This week, Neil and Leandra. We take our wisdom where we find it. Turn the page. There's stuff to do. There's a world out there, and in there, too: in your fertile mind. January's a great time for learning and doing new things. The Post Editor's New Year's Resolution is to play more melodica. Just warning you in advance.

The Obligatory Cat here is also reminding you that January is a good time to write a Guide Entry. TJ decorates this one about blanket-making. Later in this issue, you'll see how inviting Guide Entry writing can be: it even leads to yummy surprises. Why not write up your favourite recipe today? Then get the cook in your family to make it because, darn it, you need a photo for the Edited Guide….see? This can be a win/win situation.

Another thing you want to be doing this month is working on that Create Challenge. Tell Create what Douglas Adams inspired you to do. Or get inspired by Douglas Adams and do something new.

Minorvogonpoet starts us off with her response to the challenge, which is called 'Don't Blame the Vogons'. You'll want to read this, it has good ideas in.
Goliath and a Trillion Trillion Davids by Freewayriding
What else have we got for you this week? Are you kidding? We've got so much great Stuff, that if I'm going to tell you about it, I'd better start right now, or else the year will be over before I get done.
  • To start with, there's fiction. Freewayriding has this instant classic called 'Goliath and a Trillion Trillion Davids'. Paigetheoracle has some light reading. You 'll enjoy 'Dave'.
  • Still on the literary front, Paige has a poem for you. Very deep, this poem. Desideria continues to thicken the diabolical plot, and there's a rabbit with a pocketwatch….the Literary Corner has a sad tale to tell, and we're testing your knowledge of science fiction this week.
  • And, of course, there's plenty of snark.
  • Fiction and Nonfiction by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • In the nonfiction section, Willem has a really-for-true Eurasian lynx to show you. You always learn something with Willem around.
  • Our contributors need your help. Caption the duck. Help Suzie Q Ferguson with her bird book again. Discuss the ecological mixed messages in the signs of the times. Talk about foreign languages in public and rude behaviour. There's lots to unpack here.
  • Awix has some cinema for you. It's really cinema, and it was really playing, and he really sat there and watched it. This is what he really thought about it, too. No fake news here. We ought to pin a medal on him for making it all the way through this one.
  • The public library has a 'new' piano, and no objection to people playing it. Mrs Hoggett and the Post Editor paid a Christmas visit. There's more music in here than you can shake a stick at, should you be of the stick-shaking inclination.

Peruse this issue at your leisure. Leave comments. Remember to Send Stuff so we can keep doing this. Our email is postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. Dress appropriately for the weather.

And have a great week!

Create January 2019 by Freewayriding
January Create Challenge:
Drawing Inspiration from
The Hitchhiker's Guide

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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  • Mrs H plays Greensleeves.

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