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Posted: 24th December 2018

Reformed Characters?

Millie the Cat has her own advent calendar, by Professor Animal Chaos

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
Scrooge, after he got better.

How do you stand on the spectrum of holiday cheer? In Scrooge (or Grinch) terms, are you pre- or post-reform? The last-minute photos by our Contributors seem to send mixed messages.

On the one hand, Professor Animal Chaos, who is known for his Grinch-like statements, sent us this cute kitty. Millie, his sister's cat, has her own advent calendar, which, appropriately enough, has a cat on it. We suspect the Prof secretly likes kitties and puppies and all manner of nice things. He just thinks it's letting down the headbanger side to admit it. We've got his number.
Train Delays at holiday time by Icy North
On the other end of the joy spectrum, Icy North posted this view of the train schedule on Twitter. When I asked if we could use it, he replied, 'I can’t imagine why, but please go ahead!' It's to point out that many people may be finding all the mad holiday rush a bit hard to handle. To them we say: we hear you. Expectations may be too high. There are still only 24 hours in a day, and this time of year, most of them are in darkness. Chill. (It's cold, anyway.) Don't let the cheerleaders get you down. Smile vaguely at the frenetic holidaymakers and keep in mind that tomorrow, you get to stay home. If you don't have kids, you can even sleep in. Make yourself a Cone of Silence somewhere and commune in peace. Drink your favourite beverage. Relax with a good book or video. Remind yourself of the blessed fact that this madness won't start again for another 11 months. This, too, shall pass.

Most of us are probably somewhere in between bliss and exhaustion. We might even be somewhere off the chart, like Paigetheoracle's punk, there. One thing unites us, though: our passion for the weird and wonderful. Which is why you're really, really going to enjoy this holiday issue of the h2g2 Post. It's like the old Afri-Cola slogan, Alles ist in Afri-Cola! (including, presumably, the odd old boot). This is a truly Afri-Cola issue.

To wit:
Snark by Paigetheoracle
  • Willem doesn't have snow. He has rain. But he and his expert friends ran between the raindrops and hunted for rare plants in the Leolo Mountains of South Africa. Enjoy his photo essay and learn things about this fascinating part of our planet.
  • Our photographers have snapped vignettes of Christmas doings in different countries. Ooh and aah, please.
  • Awix and Bluebottle have other seasonal preoccupations than tinsel and coloured lights: namely, the ever-popular monster genre. Awix reviews Aquaman, surely a holiday highlight. Bluebottle brings you the annual Clash of the Argonauts. We're up to Round Four. You're in for a wild ride.
  • Another festive favourite: The Christmas Crossword is here! Sharpen your pencils. The answers will appear next week, so you can put your brains to work amid all the leftover ribbon and wrapping paper. There are other puzzles, too. Do the quizzes, they're good for you. Milla has a doozy for you, and there's a cow you can caption. Get to work.
  • We have videos! There's some cat action and also music to move the planet by, with a little help from NASA.
  • There are chuckles galore, with cartoons and amusing stories. Willem tells us more about Desideria the Demoness. SashaQ shows us how to make a Phrygian cap (very seasonal, that, in honour of Mithras). We've got you all covered.
  • There is the usual snark and useless advice.
Lola Says Happy Christmas by Dmitri Gheorgheni
We hope all this fun reading will add to your holiday enjoyment. Remember: there's still time to tell us about your spying adventures! Send your Stuff to postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com! Next week, we'll tell you about a new challenge for January. But that will be another year, so enjoy this one while it lasts. Open your presents, drink your eggnog, and think good thoughts. Try to avoid the word 'Brexit' if at all possible!

And have a Happy (Merry) Christmas!

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