Urban Shaman (IV)

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Urban Shaman (IV)

A dark and stormy night

We are like Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3, The Search for Spock. Our patience is nearly ended but we won't push you into the chasm after offering you the hand of friendship. What we will do though is turn our back on you and do nothing, while you flounder about, trying to save yourselves.

We were here, long before your race evolved. We have had many forms and lived many lives. We are born wise babies and die even wiser old men. We are the future and the dim and distant past. When we awoke, we stayed awake forever – witness to all of God's creation. We are The Watchers – lurkers on the threshold of this world and that one which is to come. We desperately want you to awake too and join us in the lonely night, so that we can all go forward together, for all our sakes. The world is a wonderful place – add to it with your presence. We cannot force you to stay, only encourage you to voluntarily remain. Will you join us in this joyful pursuit that keeps us forever young at heart or fester in a mind that hides from the truth and justifies its failures to exist, through logic and reasoning powers?

The dawn is approaching. We must disappear out of your dreams and blend into the shadows again. You will not recognise us, unless you come consciously looking for us during the day, for like vampires, we are creatures of the night mostly as all old things are. The power of the dark beckons you to sleep and join us as light calls out to the young. Death and rebirth – neither can be avoided. The endless repetition wearies us. This is the price of immortality – knowing that the merry-go-round will last forever, dropping us off at the same point, eternally.

We yearn for death in a way you never do. We know every blade of grass, every stone, every speck of dust here because every return buries us deeper and deeper in awareness of the planet we inhabit. We are your rocks, your certainties and you for your part, bore us to death with your predictability. This is not your fault. We are your bridgehead to a new world but we'd prefer to be in that position ourselves, wallowing in oblivion, full of joyous discovery, uncertain at every step. The past is ours, the future yours – enjoy your childhood.

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