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Posted: 1st October 2018

Signs of the Times

Sunflower over the Wall by Dmitri Gheorgheni The big sunflower is up over the wall back of the Post Office. It's official: autumn is really here. The broomcorn has tassled nicely: you can read about our agricultural experiment in this issue, along with many other wonderful things you've never seen before.

Aren't you glad you tuned into h2g2 today? Don't you wish more people did? Why not send forth the message on your social media? Or tell a few neighbours? Let them know about us.

'Friends and Neighbours' is the subject of October's Create Challenge. Read about it below. Do your bit with a picture, story, or Guide Entry. Of course, you are also welcome to send your spooky Halloween stories. Or photos of your ritually mutilated vegetable matter. Or photos of your cat investigating the ritually mutilated vegetable matter….you get the idea.

So what's in this issue, I hear you call? (My hearing aids are equipped with time travel capabilities.). I'm glad you asked:

  • Birds turn up in likely (Colours of Wildlife) and unlikely (Liverpool) places. The nature photography also includes Mrs Hoggetts' frogs-inna-pond and a sleeping kitty over at bobstafford's place. Ooh and ahh, please.
  • Awix is still lost in the steppes of Central Asia, but we've got his review of 'Black Panther', so we don't care. We just hope nobody's playing buzkashi with his head.
  • Our quizzes will challenge you. They will also force you to watch a cartoon. We expect Bluebottle to be up for this.
  • Speaking of videos, our musical one will take you on a head trip. It's Zarniwoop-approved.
  • Broomcorn against the sky
  • Stories? You want stories? Who would have guessed? We have stories. Some are true, some are not. I swear mine really happened, although the names have been changed to prevent lawsuits from K-Mart. Florida Sailor's will make you think, Freewayriding's will twist your brain in knots, and Paigetheoracle's will, as usual, make you want to slap him upside the head for making you want to cry.
  • MMF invites comment. He's our roving reporter in Piccadilly this week.
  • Besides being very nice to kitties, bobstafford is a photographer with vision. This week, he shares a photo to which we have appended appropriate words. Suitable for framing.
  • No, the Literary Corner is not entirely in French. Though French speakers may enjoy this 'Potage aux Pantoufles'.
  • We have the usual attempts at humour, and the usual useless advice, etc. Plan your reading accordingly.
Hey, FWR, can you spot the walnuts in this photo? DG
So, share and enjoy, as usual. Send me more Stuff! If you care to make a video for us, just remember:
  • Keep to the House Rules.
  • Don't put any kids or unwilling grownups in the video.
  • Make sure your Youtube account doesn't reveal anything personal about you, like your real name, address, place of business, etc. We don't want Interpol finding you.
  • Make sure all material belongs to you personally, or is public domain.

And have a good week!

Create October 2018 by Freewayriding
October Create Challenge:
Friends and Neighbours

Quote of the Week:   'I didn't realize that the ISS was some kind of space station.'


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