October Create Challenge 2018: Friends and Neighbours

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October Create Challenge: Friends and Neighbours

Friends and Neighbours, October 2018 Create Challenge
And who is my neighbour?

Luke 10:29

What does community mean to you?

Around the world, the idea of community is universal. Yet, what makes up a community varies by geography and circumstance. People who live in crowded urban blocks of flats may not know their neighbours. The same may be true for suburbs with transient populations. Others may have grown up surrounded by the same people in their city neighbourhoods, small towns and villages, or rural farm communities. Some people fit in quickly wherever they go: others may need more time to 'get to know the neighbours'.

Some people are closer to friends they chat to on the internet. Others keep in touch with friends they've known from childhood. So, in the twenty-first century, where do you find your friends?

  • Do you know your neighbours? Are they from similar backgrounds to yourself, or do they come from all over the world and have a variety of talents and interests?
  • Do you still know people you met at school? Do you have anecdotes about childhood friends?
  • Do you belong to local groups or clubs? Do members share an interest, whether it's fishing or ballroom dancing? Do you go on trips together?
  • Do you have friends among your work colleagues? Do you go on work outings or belong to work societies?
  • Do you draw your friends from social media? (We know about h2g2!) Do you get to meet your internet friends in real life?

Tell us about your friends and neighbours – the clubs, the pubs, the places you meet and even the wild parties!


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