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Posted: 13th August 2018

Summer Playlist

Listen to the Radio
Willem's enjoying a Polokwane winter, as we saw last week. But it's still summer up north, even if the 'back to school' crowd starts trying to push it. There's heat everywhere. The visiting pastor from Uganda told us the local church in Pennsylvania is keeping the sanctuary way too cold. We agreed. Who wants to sit inside a fridge? The best thing to do is to chill by the pool, listen to your radio, and enjoy the h2g2 Post. We've got some great beat-the-heat reading in this issue.
Nikkasaurus by Willem
  • Willem continues to show us creatures from the past that we never knew existed, because Harryhausen never stop-motioned them. You can learn a lot here. We expect the action figures to come out any day now.
  • Awix tells us all about Jason Statham wrestling that shark. This is epic. You know how our resident cinema expert feels about the immortal JS. He even watched it in 3D.
  • Everybody's been having adventures, large and small. SashaQ met a strongman and captured a beautiful sunset. Freewayriding's kitty ventured far afield to bring back instructional material for Opie the dog. The Editor found something puzzling in the yard, and Milla discovered a head-scratcher in her house.
  • Speaking of adventures: Freewayriding and I have blast-from-the-past stories with a similar theme: confronting unsettling situations. FWR takes you to Florida's Alligator Alley for an unnerving experience, while I recall my father's tale of scary Gary, Indiana.
  • We've got fiction, inspired by fact. Paigetheoracle and FWR will make you think.
  • Lilies by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • As usual, there are quizzes, and cartoons, and jokes'n'snark'n'stuffz. Also more useless writing advice. Use with caution.

August is traditionally a time for holidays and taking it slowly. The weather won't let you do much else. It's a good time to sit back and take stock while you watch the crops ripen and enjoy the glory of flowers in bloom. Listen to the birds singing. As you do, though, think about h2g2. You see that mobile in your pocket/bag/hand? Point it at the beauty/wonder/extremely odd thing in front of you. Send it to the Post. That way, you can share your find with somebody on the other side of the planet who is just dying to see one of whatever-it-is. They will thank you profusely.

Now, go read, comment, and plan what you want to write about the August Create topic. Everybody's in competition to write a more exciting story than the one about Paulh's watering can.

And have a great week out there!
PS: To the South Asian Ladies of Negotiable Affection who illicitly advertised at the bottom of the Create page this month: This wasn't exactly what we had in mind when we said 'Alternate Adventures'....

Create August 2018 by Freewayriding
August Create Challenge:
Alternate Adventures

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  • Rush hour at the bird feeder.


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