The Three Aliens

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The Three Aliens

Three aliens discussing a situation.
Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil, visited Earth.

They looked upon the works of humanity and said:

'I can't see what all the fuss is about.'

'I don't hear anything worth listening to.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

They came to a wasteland of polluted filth, killed off by industrial chemicals.

'I can't see anything wrong with all this disrespect of the environment.'

'I can't hear any bird songs, which always irritated me about this planet anyway.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

Taking off in their spaceship, they surveyed the landscape below, where a battle was taking place and people were dying in their thousands.

'It looks like it is all their own fault.'

'I hear no voices of dissent.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

On they moved to another land, where water was scarce, crops had failed and people were starving to death in their hundreds of thousands.

'I see overpopulation and failure to plan,' said See No Evil.

'I've heard nothing to contradict this.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

They came to a new land – again where suffering was rife. A plague had descended upon the people and many were dying in agony.

'I see nothing to concern us here.'

'Others tell me it is their failure at general hygiene level – they've brought this on themselves.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

They decided to get closer to the land but before they could take their ship down, an immense storm devastated the topics below them, drowning many people and destroying the infrastructure.

'I see the same problem occurring over and over again – why don't they plan better for them?'

'I hear they are not much into forward planning and consider it The Supreme Beings fault that this happens.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

The instruments on their ship displayed major seismic disturbances, to the west of their location.

Buildings fell, people were crushed and general mayhem followed.

'I don't see any lessons learnt from the past here, about natural disasters.'

'I've heard nothing from other visitors to this planet, that show building construction techniques have improved over the centuries.'

Speak No Evil said nothing.

Later they took their craft down again, to ground level and viewed life in more detail, using techniques of invisibility to move freely amongst the crowds. Violent crime, civil unrest, sick people dying on the streets, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual disease running rampant...

See No Evil shook his head and looked at Hear No Evil, who threw up his hands in despair.
Both looked at Speak No Evil, who said nothing.
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