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Posted: 16th April 2018

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful

Eyes and nose, for seeing and smelling out news.
A bill poster.
It's that kind of week. The kind where inspiration comes in a multitude of forms. Where surprises lurk around the next corner. Where you don't know whether you're going to laugh, cry, or scratch your head. This week, we're full of snark and cleverness and amazing insights and….okay, whatever it is, we're just full of it. You're going to enjoy this issue.

Who's here this week? Just about everybody. bobstafford, Freewayriding, and Cactuscafe are here with eye-popping photography. We have fiction. We've got a kind of quiz you've never, ever seen before. We have poetry that will make you stop and think. And oh, yes: we've got video. This issue would give you your money's worth even if you paid something for it. Think about that.

Here are some of the don't-miss highlights:
    A bill poster.
  • Let Willem take you back to the Permian for some time-travel wildlife appreciation.
  • Don't be alarmed by this week's Obligatory Cat Photo: however, we don't advise being late with the feeding for these kitties.
  • Practice ice pareidolia. Get virtual vertigo, courtesy of Cornwall. Puzzle over the ominous deadfall. After admiring all the photography, name the group photo in the Picture Quiz.
  • Enjoy the pop videos, and get into arguments over taste. Dance a bit: you need the exercise. Then try the Post Quiz: it will stick you with earworms and challenge your visual/auditory links.
  • Find out the lengths to which h2g2ers will go to show their loyalty to the h2g2 Post. Plan your own Post feature fan club.
  • Check out Awix's latest cinema adventure. What exactly was our reviewer doing in the dark with not one, but two Russian ladies?
  • A hand with scissors.
  • Consume vast quantities of speculative fiction by Freewayriding, who has two stories in here: the continuation of the vampire saga, and a mind-blowing piece of sci-fi you won't want to miss called 'Character Assassination'.
  • Get serious (for once), and muse over benjaminpmoore's poem, called 'It Really Doesn't Matter'. It really does, though, and you'll see why.
  • Learn something. Read the footnoted episode of 'The Common Comma', courtesy of the Literary corner. If one person learns something about commas this week, the Post Editor will feel accomplished.

Post no bills.
I don't know about you, but this delayed spring is getting me down. I'm hoping the enclosed entertainment will help cheer us all up a bit while we wait for it to bleepin' stop snowing already. (Sorry. The meds are wearing off.) So read, leave comments, send more copy. Someday, a crocus will appear. In the meantime: Willem, keep getting better. Prof Animal Chaos, ditto. Keep those emails coming, y'all, and have a good week, wherever you are!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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