The U-Boat Story, Birkenhead, Wirral, UK

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The U-Boat Story in the Woodside Ferry Terminal in Birkenhead is a museum dedicated to the preservation and exploration of the German submarine (Unterseeboot, or U-Boat) U-534.

The U-Boat's journey to its current home on the Wirral was a convoluted one. U-534 started its life in 1941/2, was used as a training vessel for around 18 months, and entered military service in May 1944 as a weather-reporting station. It steered clear of trouble until 5 May, 1945 - the order to surrender had been given, but U-534 was not displaying the black flag of surrender, so an RAF bomber dropped depth charges. A hole was blasted in the hull, so the submarine sank off the coast of Denmark. All the crew escaped, although three later died of exposure in a lifeboat.

Previous museum closed 2006, current museum opened February 2009 at a cost of £5 million

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