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Posted: 26th February 2018

Where Have You Been?

A t-shirt boasting about surviving the Great Swansea Earthquake of 17-2-18

Someone I know from Bristol saw a glass of water behaving strangely, but it was very quick so no chance for photos.


Where were you during the Great Earthquake? We did a quick check, and the Core Team is intact. Robbie wasn't in Wales that weekend, so he missed all the excitement, and the Liverpool crowd didn't notice anything. Oh, well: there was lots that h2g2ers did notice lately. We've got pictorial and textual evidence. You're going to enjoy this issue.
  • Willem has another rare antelope. It's pretty, too. We want you to caption an unusual sighting in San Francisco, courtesy of Carol M Highsmith. Bluebottle spied some ducks illustrating a weather cliché, while FWR turned his espionage camera onto Midnight the cat.
  • Speaking of photos, bobstafford is. He'll show you how he captured that hovercraft, which hopefully wasn't full of eels. FWR does some photoshop magic and lets us in on where the devil's hiding – in the cloud details, naturally.
  • We have poems: Minorvogonpoet's is biblically inspired, while Cactuscafé has music in her head.
  • We have quizzes. We have humour. What else do you want? Ah, yes. We have History, big-time. We're helping commemorate the Great War centenary, now in its final year. This week, learn about the connection between the War and the Knitting Craze – we have proof! – and puzzle over some propaganda from the US of A.
  • This week's music video takes you up to the Appalachian mountains for some old-time hand-clapping and foot-stomping gospel. A reminder: the h2g2 Post actively solicits your musical numbers. We're risk-takers. Just make a Youtube video and submit to the Editor.
  • Two dozen red roses
  • Awix has cinema, what else? This week, instead of porn, he acceded to our request to cover a figure skating movie. It's the least we could do,
    what with all the excitement of the Winter Olympics lately. It's been a hot topic of discussion on h2g2. Thanks to Baron Grim for making sure we spelled 'triple axel' correctly.
  • SashaQ rounds out our month of Spreading the Love with appropriate candy and flowers. We thank everyone who participated. Thursday's a new month, and a new challenge. Put on your thinking caps and come up with ideas, stories, and images on the subject of Hindsight. What would you do different? What worked out just right? Tell us!

As usual, we expect you to read, leave comments, and draw inspiration for your next contribution. You know where we are.

Cheer up, winter will end, sooner or later. Pet your cats and dogs, smile at your neighbour – it will make him wonder what you're up to. And if the earth moves in the West again, keep calm and reassure the sheep.

Have a wonderful week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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