Spreading the Love of Flowers

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Spreading the Love of Flowers

As I said in h2g2's Giving and Getting Flowers Entry, I like flowers, and red roses are a particular favourite of mine because they remind me of my partner – whenever we chatted online, we would always send each other a red rose emoticon  smiley - rose (amongst many others smiley - loveblush) just because we could.


I sent my darling a dozen red roses one year for Valentine's Day, even though it could have come across as an overblown and cheesy romantic gesture, but my partner was delighted by the treat of having real as well as virtual flowers to enjoy.

The next year, even though my partner had died, I bought a dozen red roses anyway, and I enjoyed enjoying them in her honour.

The following year, the retailers' Valentine's Day competition started in earnest. Not content with offering 12 roses for a reasonable price, the supermarkets tried to outdo each other. For the same price as a dozen the year before, I was able to treat myself to 1.5 dozen red roses for me and my darling.

The next year competition was even more fierce, so the same amount of money secured a dozen roses each for me and my darling – fabulous!

This year, I was surprised not to have seen any TV adverts for roses, so I thought the supermarkets had given up on the product for one reason or another. Indeed, when I went to the supermarket at the weekend before the 'big day', there weren't even any of the usual bunches of red roses available. All they had was a bunch of eight pink and white roses – still lovely for me and my darling, though.

It was just two days before 14 February that the TV adverts started – cutting it fine, for some reason that I'm not aware of. They didn't disappoint – the adverts showed the beautiful bunches of blooms, and one supermarket decided to up the game by offering not one dozen, not even three dozen, but 100 roses in one bouquet! The only disappointing thing was that I'd already been shopping and didn't really fancy going again after a hard day at work.

That big bouquet is of course not the same price as the smaller bouquets in previous years, as that would be asking too much, but I am intrigued to know what 100 roses looks like. Would it tempt me into spending more, or would it just epitomise an overblown gesture..? I may find out this year, or I may not given that I only go shopping on the weekends – we'll just have to see if there are any left by then. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my little bunch of flowers!

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