The Post Quiz: A Sydney Carter Primer

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We bet you can pass this quiz – even though you've never heard about any of this before. See how clever you are.

The Post Quiz: A Sydney Carter Primer

Today's quiz will introduce you to a songwriter named Sydney Carter. If you are British, he's probably affected your life in ways you aren't aware of. And we're willing to bet you can pass this quiz – while learning a few things you didn't know you knew. This is going to be fun. (Non-Brits: play along. You'll get your turn another week.)

  1. Sydney Carter was a Londoner, born in Camden Town. His song for Flanders and Swann called 'Down Below', was about…
    • The London Underground.
    • London sewer workers.
    • Going to hell.
    • The Isle of Wight.
  2. Carter and Donald Swann were old friends. They met in…
    • Public school.
    • A pub, while singing.
    • Greece, while driving ambulances.
    • A sewer, during National Service.
  3. Sydney Carter wrote a little ditty called 'My Last Cigarette', about a man trying to stop smoking. It was featured on the album called…
    • The Youth of the Heart.
    • Polkadots and Moonbeams.
    • Simple Gifts.
    • Taking Out the Dustbin.
  4. Carter wrote two songs that are widely sung in British schools. One of them is 'Lord of the Dance'. The other one is…
    • This Old Man.
    • The Rainbow Connection.
    • Day by Day.
    • One More Step.
  5. Carter wrote protest songs for the…
    • Aldermaston March.
    • Woodstock Festival.
    • BBC.
    • Brick Lane march.
  6. Carter wrote an eye-opening and controversial religious song called 'Friday Morning'. Bishop Fulton J Sheen drew a radio lesson from it, but there was an outraged call to ban the song from…
    • Billy Graham.
    • Enoch Powell.
    • The BBC.
    • Mary Whitehouse.
  7. Carter had a deeply spiritual philosophy, but he wasn't an orthodox religious thinker. A book containing his spiritual ideas had the title…
    • The Pilgrim's Regress.
    • The Sea of Faith.
    • The Rock of Doubt.
    • The Cloud of Unknowing.
  8. Sydney Carter's most famous song is probably 'Lord of the Dance'. He claimed that, among other things, the song was inspired by…
    • A ballet he saw once.
    • Children dancing in the street.
    • A verse of the Bible about David dancing.
    • A figure of Shiva, Lord of the Dance.
  9. Carter's song 'To the First of My Lovers' is about…
    • His first wife.
    • His love affair with the Mediterranean.
    • Jesus and St John.
    • The varieties of religious experience.
  10. Sydney Carter's 80th birthday was celebrated in…
    • The Shakespeare's Head.
    • Waterloo Station.
    • The Royal Albert Hall.
    • Westminster Abbey.

Okay, some of that was easy, admit it. Want to check? Click the picture for answers.

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