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Posted: 4th December 2017

Down the Rabbit(?) Hole

A hole in a barn wall. Do you feel like that in December, sometimes? That there's a mysterious hole in the fabric of the universe, and you don't know what it's there for? Or is that just the Post Editor? Anyway, the month of November writing madness has ended (Who cheered? Quiet in the back!) and the month of holiday insanity rolls on, with its last-minute shopping and gift panic, dangerous eating and over-eating, weird relative sightings, and questionable music in the air. . . you need us. Seriously. The h2g2 Post will distract you from the pain of it all by asking the really significant questions: such as 'why is there a hole in this barn wall?' This will keep you usefully entertained while all about you are going mad and blaming it on you.

What do we have for you this week?

  • Danger: The magpie shrike won't eat you. It only eats bugs, silly. It's also pretty, and it sings. Stop worrying so much and enjoy it. On the other hand, we do feel that this week's caption challenge is fraught with peril. Superfrenchie found it in France, where else? Help us out here.
  • Movie Magic: Whether the latest film offers a viable means of escape from it all depends on Awix's review, which you should read right now. Okay, finish reading the Editorial first. Then go look at the tennis flick.
  • A fancy sofa.
  • Brain Exercise: Besides guessing why there's a hole in the barn, we have other mind-teasers for you. Answering the questions will exercise the grey cells and prevent brain freeze. This is especially good for some of our writers, because we want to keep their heads in good shape. The other day, I told the Core Team, 'You realise a lot of our really good writers are over 60?' A very busy younger member opined that this was because they had more free time. I conceded this, but added, 'And they have lots in their heads.' Whereupon I was pelted with suggestions like, 'Yeah, hearing aids and ocular implants.' So listen, you young whippersnappers of 40 or so: watch it. We didn't get to be so wide-awake and aware by dozing in front of the telly. Tote that factoid! Lift that mouse! Then you, too, will get to be a hoopy geezer.
  • Stunning Photography: Last month's NaJo project was so successful that we have even more photos to share with you. If you enjoy them, talk to the photographers. They appreciate being appreciated. And send us some of your photos! We have lots of room to display them.
  • Humour: The Post Editor calls this humour. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  • Stimulation for Writing: The usual Useless Advice [Patent Pending], plus opportunities to contribute. Please note the December Create Challenge. Show and tell time: what's your View from Here look like?
  • Antidote to Fake News: Freewayriding has some comments about the Chicken Littles of the world, and what he thinks of them. Read 'We're All Doomed!' It will cheer you up.
  • Actual Information: Last month, Minorvogonpoet posted a review of a book about the Underground Railroad, a historical movement that makes us proud of some humans. In this issue, you can find out more about what happened from an original source, and even see a picture of one of the 'stations', courtesy of a brief road trip. See? That's what h2g2 is good for. As Cactuscafe says, 'I have to join h2g2 to see what's in my own High Street!'
  • Yes, there is a cat in here. Go and find it.
Black and white architecture. So there you have it. Go read and confuse your brain. After a while, you'll forget about the snow outside, and your errands list, and how bad those holiday programmes are on television. You can thank us later. Have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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