Post Quiz: Planetary Superlatives

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What do you know about. . .

Planetary Superlatives

It's the biggest, the longest, the smallest, the most. . . or is it? Identify these planetary superlatives.

Multiple choice.

  1. The highest mountain in the world:
    • Mount Everest
    • Nanga Parbat
    • Mount Pinatubo
    • The Riffelberg
  2. The longest river in the world:
    • Indus
    • Volga
    • Mississippi
    • Nile or Amazon, depending on who's measuring
  3. The deepest lake in the world:
    • Lake Tanganyika
    • Caspian Sea
    • Lake Michigan
    • Lake Baikal
  4. Largest country in the world (by land area):
    • China
    • Australia
    • Russia
    • Canada
  5. Smallest island in the world:
    • Greenland
    • Tory
    • Patmos
    • Bishop Rock
  6. Oldest continuously inhabited city in the world:
    • London
    • Baghdad
    • Damascus
    • Jerusalem
  7. Smallest sea in the world:
    • Baltic
    • Yellow
    • South China
    • Marmara
  8. Smallest desert in the world:
    • Gobi (Mongolia)
    • Carcross (Canadian Yukon)
    • Mojave (US)
    • Bledow (Poland)
  9. Deepest hole in the world:
    • Kola Superdeep Borehole (Murmansk)
    • Project Mohole (Pacific Ocean)
    • Kimberley Diamond Mine (South Africa)
    • Berkeley Pit (Montana, USA)
  10. Fastest animal in the world:
    • Lion
    • Blue Wildebeest
    • Peregrine falcon
    • Flying snake

You thought this was easy, right? Check your answers by clicking the picture.

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