We're All Doomed! The View from Here

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For more info on the topic of the moaners at work, we refer you to FWR's NaJoPoMo Journal #22, where he explains this annoyance in rhyme.

We're All Doomed! The View from Here

At work we are in the process of a major revamp. Change scares people, very obviously. People like 'the old days and the old ways.'

People are not embracing change. People like to moan. People think all problems can be solved by throwing more money at them (the problems, not the people).

People predict the world will end, just close down and count the losses, we are never going back to the good old days.

People are going sick, talking about leaving, generally sulking and mocking those who are working really hard to make things work, despite a few teething problems, people are fed up with this brave new world.

People do not like competition, people will not learn from the success of others.

People want to stay in their nineteen eighties bubble.

People think no new customers will use our services....it's not the same as when the company was set up when dinosaurs ruled the earth, when everyone knew everyone else.

Maybe if they stopped moaning and whingeing they wouldn't put new arrivals off.

Must seem like a bloody bleak place, why would anyone join us, apart from those with nowhere else to go?

People don't appreciate all the effort it has taken to drag an ageing company into the 21st century.

I know no better, only been there a few years and for the most part thoroughly enjoy the place. I have been involved with much, much worse places.

People are getting me down, pessimism is contagious!

Good job I have an online escape valve, a place where we can shake off real life and enjoy some good tales, witty banter and other people's artistic talents.

Have a laugh, find out something interesting, far away from all those stuck-in-the-past pessimists....

People, eh?

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