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Posted: 9th October 2017

This Way Madness Lies

A flower. We've really done it this time. We've gone as mad as a whole haberdashery shop full of hatters. Our whimsy knows no bounds. This week's issue goes from soup to nuts, heavy on the nuts. We have mad postmodern philosophers (arrived at independently, which tells you where our minds are), and creative photography, and stories from the haunted night shift, and science fiction cinema, and. . .

In other words, you're really going to enjoy this one.

Let's get right to it:

  • Awix has come through on his promise to review the new Blade Runner movie while it was smokin' hot. He's got highbrow analysis, commentary, and double entendre, so get on over and read it.
  • Willem has painted a hyena so well that you want to reach out and pet its fur – but if you read the text, you might notice that this wouldn't be a good idea. Admire the skill, and learn about the gender-bending hyena in all its wonder.
  • Icy North's been admiring Irish art, camera in hand. Help him caption this rare find from Dublin. We're not sure if it doesn't belong in the Mad Hatter's personal collection.
  • We have quizzes. We expect you to take them responsibly.
  • Slavoj Zizek ruins bedtime.
  • This month, we are pretending to be kids. CactuscafĂ© draws on her childhood memories, which are as vivid as her sharp photographer's eye. I do what I did as a kid: make up weird stories about whatever I came across. In this case, it was an imaginary city map provided by the estimable glaciologist Martin O'Leary. We're also dredging up other people's stories about their childhoods. What must it have been like to grow up in the US during Prohibition with scofflaw parents? Tsk, tsk.
  • And then there are the philosophers. Not only does Slavoj Zizek ruin bedtime, but breaking Richard Feynman's toothbrush could have serious repercussions. Chris Morris contributed this baffling tale, suitable for framing.
  • Haven't had enough yet? Freewayriding is back: twice. Both of these strange tales take place in the psychiatric ward. . . in Liverpool, of course. We're beginning to understand where the real Rift is, and it ain't Cardiff. All of you people who begged FWR to tell the 'possessed pigeon story'? We thank you. You're gonna love this one.
  • Child crossing sweeper
  • Our writing advice for this week is about tapping into memories. Benjaminpmoore is back, and he's tapped into a few of his own, we suspect. Everything is still not okay, but Ben is here to tell us that it's all right to say so. Please drop by with comments.
  • When I told Robbie Stamp about this month's Create Challenge, he exclaimed, 'What a terrific idea!' I said we hoped that we'd get a bit of a panorama of childhood through our contributions: after all, h2g2 Researchers come from around the globe. Our childhoods are located in different decades, too. We're looking for a space/time map of sorts. So if you haven't thought about your contribution yet, please do. We want to hear from you all.

A warning: Halloween is coming sooner than you think. So stockpile candy, practice playing spooky tunes on your instrument of choice, and polish up your Halloween material for the h2g2 Post. We still have openings for stories, photos, and scary quizzes.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather where you are. If there are leaves, kick them around for old times' sake. Willem, a blessed springtime to you! Have a great week, all!

Another catUrgent postscript: I just realised that the impossible has happened: this issue has no cat pictures! We will remedy this oversight immediately. This little kitty arrived with sibling on the doorstep of the Hoggett Farm and Cat Sanctuary. It was much appreciated.
They're connoisseurs over there.

At the Post Office today, we failed to get a picture of the exciting action when the chipmunk sneaked into the living room. We were too busy shooing the frantic striped furball out the side door before Buzzardina could catch it. She moves remarkably quickly for an 18-year-old cat.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Spotted hyena by Willem.
  • A door sculpture.



  • The possessed pigeon.


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