The Post Quiz: How They Spent Their Childhoods

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Ah, childhood. A blissful time? Not always, alas.

The Post Quiz: How They Spent Their Childhoods

Some famous figures in history spent their childhoods in unusual ways. See if you can identify who did what.

  1. This British writer spent his early childhood in India.
  2. This British naturalist lived on Corfu as a child.
  3. This US president spent part of his childhood as a POW of the British.
  4. This US president spent part of his childhood in Indonesia.
  5. This Royal Person rode in an orange crate as a baby refugee.
  6. This British actor's mother gave birth to him in a Sudanese hospital – under attack.
  7. This famous British political leader and writer learned to read from his nanny in Dublin.
  8. This British tough-guy actor grew up in a rough neighbourhood in London, and got good at running from bullies. His dad changed the family name from 'Smith' for professional reasons.
  9. This US tough-guy actor grew up in swanky surroundings. His artist mother used him as a model for a baby-food advert.
  10. This US tough-guy actor was born in Germany and took up acting in high school to overcome a stutter.

Choices: Barack Obama, Tim Roth, Bruce Willis, Prince Philip, Gerald Durrell, Rudyard Kipling, Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Siddig.

Confused? Don't be: click the picture for answers.

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