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Posted: 21st August 2017

All the Things We are

Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty looks knowing. She's a good little actress. Molly the Editorial Kitty is pretending to be really knowing. Yeah, right. Like h2g2 itself, she's a creature of boundless curiosity and guileless wonder. (And she loves to fiddle with my capslock.) That's us, with added snark. Molly's not into snark, although the dog isn't completely convinced of that. Lola senses irony when Molly steals 'her' canvas bag and deposits in in random locations around the house. That's not snark, Lola: it's just CAT=ADD.

We are many things at h2g2. We are the go-to source for the Guide, that compendium of information, insight, and advice about Life, the Universe, and Everything that is often imitated, but never surpassed. While others are busy following trends and keeping up with the interwebs gossip, we are out there exploring and wondering aloud. This week, we have reports from all over, as our Contributors bring us glorious titbits to share:

  • Willem has brought us a colobus. It's beautiful. There's a lot to learn about it, too, so go learn. We continue to marvel at the deftness of our artist's touch.
  • Speaking of deft (and daft) artists, Freewayriding is a peerless photoshopper. Even when he threatens the Post Editor with wildly inappropriate illustrations for Guide Entries, we have to hand it to him: he's got that je ne sais quoi. (At least, je doesn't know quoi to do with it.) We just have to share these things with you. See what he did to the longsuffering Abraham Lincoln.
  • Awix and the Post Editor have just demonstrated the Jungian principle of synchronicity. To wit, we're both reviewing Cold War film this week.
    Awix takes on Atomic Blonde, which sounds really thrilling. Charlize Theron and Checkpoint Charlie, what could be better? Try my Ninja Film Review of the six-part Netflix series Comrade Detective, a completely mad send-up of Cold War Romania. Great minds think alike. (That's our story, and we're sticking to it.)
  • Do we have quizzes? Does my dog have fleas when she comes back from the farm? We have a travel quiz that will tax even you long-memory folk. (Unless you worked for the Foreign Secretary back before the Great War.) We have a pictorial goodie, as usual. And our Bluebottle, the Isle of Wight's answer to the Grimm Brothers, is all the way up to the letter I. You know you want to try these quizzes. It's summer, and you can't watch that Jason Statham retrospective all the time.
  • The Ha'penny Dreadful continues. This is the scariest thing we've ever published outside of the Hallowe'en edition. We feel we need to warn you: nervous readers should keep all the lights on. If you've missed an episode, remember to check the archive for the backlog.
  • Molly in a box
  • We have a photo to caption. Observant readers may notice that to snap this action shot, the Post Editor didn't even have to get out of the office chair. Yes, I was lazy: so were you. Remember: if you don't send Stuff, you get more cat pictures. Serves you right. Besides, Molly loved it that I ordered that giant Pogo book. The box was so much fun to play in.
Lefthander's Day
That's what we've been doing this week. Now, a word about the interwebs gossip. Like other publications, we yearn to be read. It tickles our pixels. (Say that five times fast.) We don't really care if certain Heads of State read us, mind you, so we lay off the politics and other ephemera for the most part. Instead, we try to reach out to like-minded individuals around the planet who might happen to enjoy our particular brand of knowledge sharing. To this end, the h2g2 Core Team is très busy all week posting our Stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (If you Twitter, you may occasionally recognise the style of snark.) They don't get paid, they're just passionate like that.

The punters on the social media seem to relate well to certain memes, we are told: 42, for instance, which is why you've all been suggesting 42 lists to write up. Everybody's working on it. For my sins, I'm ghosting Ford Prefect's 42 Favourite Facts About Earth, with suitable h2g2 links. You can read the first installment – Life – in this week's issue, if you haven't already spotted it on your Twitter feed. More will follow.

Superfrenchie got into the spirit of #LefthandersDay last week, and posted her very own left-handed left hand writing the date. Sometimes, we frighten ourselves.

So: read, leave comments, and send Stuff! Go out and photograph the world. Right now, a squirrel somewhere is ready for her closeup. And have a great week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Zanzibar Red Colobus by Willem.
  • The cannibals from the South Seas have Lincoln in a stewpot, but they gave him a lei, how nice.



  • City lights from Africa and Europe: NASA photo.
  • A ghastly wraith.

  • August 2017 Create Challenge by Freewayriding.

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