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Posted: 31st July 2017

The Summer Wind

Kitkat's homemade berry-picking bucket. Where is the summer wind blowing you? Down to the beach, up in the mountains to pick ripe berries? Excitement, adventure, really lost luggage? The Create Team invite you to tell us all about your travels during August's Challenge, which is called 'Travelling Hopefully'. We want stories, and we want photos. They might help locate your luggage.

Submit early, because people, the Post is doing business this summer. Your Editor managed to get this issue all together in one place, but only with the help of the Acme Patented Virtual Space Stretchers. Fear not, though: all that means is that there's even more exciting reading than usual coming your way this week. Pace yourself accordingly. You're going to love all this Stuff.

  • There are the usual quizzes to torture you. Bluebottle's up to the letter G in his series on Isle of Wight talk. You also need to know something about Britain's fascinatingly weird monetary history. There's a nod to the Post's favourite summer sport, Synchronised Swimming. (We're still hoping for a sponsorship.)
  • Once more into the breach
  • Awix is back with cinema, in case you feel like sitting in a cool, dark place watching a really loud movie. Awix warns, 'May contain spoilers for the result of the Second World War.'

    (Not the Second World War. =>)
  • Superfrenchie went forth to Normandie again. And because we asked her ever so nicely, she went over to Agincourt and took pictures. The result is the amazing photo essay you will read this week. With comments by some guy named Shakespeare. We think he might go places if he learns to spell.
  • You probably won't feel like sitting in the dark once you've caught a glimpse of Freewayriding's new serial. We're calling this the h2g2 Post Ha'penny Dreadful, because we're cheaper than those other rags. FWR calls it 'The Greys', and previews sent shivers up h2g2ers' spines over in his journal. You're going to get the whole thing in installments now. FWR: h2g2's answer to Charles Dickens. A biker Charles Dickens.
  • Willem's mandrill is kind of scary, too. But beautiful, as always. Learn some surprising things about this colourful wildlife.
  • Bollards
  • Icy North wants you to caption a photo. You didn't know Icy North was a wildlife photographer? Now you do. Okay, if the wildlife shows up in the car park. . .
  • Speaking of wildlife: SashaQ found some on the Isle of Wight. Yes, yes, calm down. Sasha really did go to the Isle of Wight. We're really surprised that when Guide Editors Sasha and Bluebottle got together, they didn't break out the chatbots. Instead, they went out and saw things. And took lots of cool pictures, so you get yet another photo essay. See how good we are to you?
  • The Eiffel Tower and fireworks
  • Your Editor has been so industrious, you even get some new fiction in addition to the Ha'penny Dreadful. I've got a noir story for you, ripped from the headlines, so to speak. It's all about umbrellas. Oh, don't quibble, just read. See if you catch all the references.
  • We've got some more summer memories to round out the July Create Challenge. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. This week, Superfrenchie tells us what it was like when it rained on Bastille Day. Quelle horreur. Kitkat shows us what it's like to be young and creative and have access to a whole countryside full of blackberries and some good markers. Those are memories in the making.
  • We've got jokes. We've got writing advice, for the ignoring of. We have beauty to admire and ideas to mull over, and things to discuss.

So read, comment, and prepare to send more Stuff! You people who went to the Meets: send your pics. To us, as well as to Twitter. We saw those. Looks like you were having a good time at the Shakespeare's Head. Tell us about it.

And have a good week out there. Wear sunscreen!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Mandrill by Willem.
  • Wild pony by Icy North.



  • Create July
  • A Child's Bastille Day.
    Fireworks and memories.


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