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Posted: 10th July 2017

Excitement, Adventure, Really Scary Things

Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty in her favourite spot, thinking about this week's Post. Molly and the Editor have been thinking hard: what to say about all this truly astonishing Stuff? This issue is so full of amazing, intriguing, and outright bizarre things that we're almost at a loss for words. I'll let Molly take a break from attacking my mouse (I keep trying to explain what a metaphor is), and outline some of the thrills to be found in this week's Post.

  • First off: if you're a North American, did you have a good Canada Day/Independence Day weekend? Judging from Twitter, many did – unless, of course, they had planned on spending any part of it in the US state of New Jersey. To find a governor of that state that people hated as much as they do the current one, you'd have to go back to colonial times. This governor closed all the state parks in New Jersey on the holiday weekend – parks containing prime beaches! (Philadelphia must be in an uproar: they had to go swimming in Delaware.) Worse, from a patriotic standpoint: closing the parks meant people couldn't reach the Statue of Liberty from the New Jersey side. Outrage is great on this side of the Atlantic.

    What does that have to do with the h2g2 Post? Why, nothing. No h2g2ers were trying to go to New Jersey, that we know of. But we are all about the seaside this week: FWR has a blissful summer memory about sailing, while Robbie Stamp remembers freezing on (and in) the Channel in summer. Lewis Carroll has an opinion about beaches that we could only wish on Governor Christie. Enjoy these Create contributions, one posthumous, and send us your summer memory stories.
  • Speaking of which, FWR has a hair-raising tale to tell. He assures us solemnly that this really happened, and that other people in the area have experienced similar things. We believe him (after all, we draw Gheorgheniplex cartoons). This story will have you sleeping with the lights on.
  • Molly is tired from working on the h2g2 Post.
  • Awix is not resting on his laurels after last week's 500th-review landmark. He's back with more cinema. This time, he's got me googling Oscar Wilde to see what he really said about Spider-Man. Read and learn.
  • Willem's been exploring again. He's treating us to a special report on the flora of the Makgeng region. The plants are lovely. So is that caco. Let Willem open your eyes to the beauty of planet Earth.
  • We keep pelting you with quizzes. This week, the Isle of Wight and Pittsburgh take a break. Instead, you get to rack your memory for junk food, chatbot output, and whatever-the-heck-that-bowl-thingy is. The Post does its part to keep your brain alive during the summer. We work so you don't have to. As you can see, it's an exhausting job for a very small cat.
  • Molly is exhausted after annoying absolutely everybody in the vicinity.
  • Speaking of quizzes, that chatbot quiz is the red-headed brainchild of those two demented Guide Editors, Bluebottle and SashaQ. You know, given that three out of four Guide Editors are crazy as bedbugs, we're so lucky to have Galaxy Babe to keep us halfway normal. A shout-out to her from all of us: we love you, lady!
  • We want you to write. We need you to write. So we tell you how to write, and what to write. And then you ignore us, because that's what Hootooers do. Which is cool, and just exactly what you should do. Just check out the Create challenge, sniff at the writing column, and nose through Peer Review, then come up with your own ideas.
  • We've got the usual stabs at humour. We have a nice, nostalgic photo for you to make up snarky captions over. You know what to do.

So settle back, enjoy the summer weather, and read the issue. Don't get so lazy you can't snap a photo with the hand that isn't holding a cold drink and send it to us (the photo, not the cold drink). You know our gmail. Derive maximum pleasure from your week, friends!

Call for Help from Post Editor: Willem, what is this?Willem, what in heck is this? It's growing at the edge of the neighbours' yard and hanging over ours. We are baffled. Since you've just been to another plant recognition seminar, could you give us your expertise? If anybody out there besides Willem has a clue, let us know. Kthxbai, Dmitri and Molly.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Caco by Willem.
  • Cussonia natalensis by Willem.



  • Victrola Playing, by Dmitri Gheorgheni.
  • The Hand from Beneath, by FWR.

  • July 2017 Create Challenge by Freewayriding.

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