The Post Quiz: Summertime Junk Food

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It's summer! Time to pig out on comestibles of dubious nutritional value!

The Post Quiz: Summertime Junk Food

How many of these novelty summer foodstuffs do you indulge in?

Short answers.

  1. When you go to the beach in the UK, what's your favourite weird hard candy?
  2. Aha, but when you go to the beach in the US, what candy do you bring home to your relatives instead?
  3. You know what it's all about: liquefied sugar. When you spin it, what do you get? (Extra point for knowing both the US and UK versions.)
  4. They've been making this teeth-rotting popcorn and peanut concoction in the US since 1896, and some people can't watch a baseball game without it. What's it called?
  5. If you're in New York City, you might want to try a cooling egg cream. Why is this a weird name?
  6. You've been told to lay off the sugar (probably by Theresa May), so you opt for a hotdog as your junk food of choice. What vehicle might you look for?
  7. If you're in the southern US, you might be offered a 'Pronto Pup'. What should you expect to eat (or refuse to eat)?
  8. Head up to Scotland, defy Theresa May, and mix deep-fat-frying with your sugar. What do you get?
  9. Of course, the Irish have to have the weirdest junk food. What do they call their beloved pickled onion flavoured corn crisps?
  10. The French, of course, have to make us all look bad, even when eating junk food. What has smoked salmon, mozzarella, cheddar, potatoes, dollops of crème fraîche, and caviar on it?

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