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Posted: 19th June 2017

Signs of Summer

Read this issue to find out why this cat is remarkable. Yes, it's another cat. It's a whole basketful of kittehs. We have another cat picture in this week's issue, courtesy of Willem. Willem's cats are scientifical. The Editor's are just head-scratchers. You're going to like this issue: it's full of puzzles, anomalies, and head-scratching moments. It's also profusely illustrated. Let's get started.

  • Awix is back with cinema. (Insert insightful commentary here, once review arrives.) Ah, this week's offering is The Mummy. We gather sand and monsters are involved. And Tom Cruise.
  • Superfrenchie invites us to caption her beach find. We vote her Beachcomber of the Year: if you've found something bigger than a discarded bunker on your beach, we want to know about it.
  • Bluebottle leaves us to puzzle over the danger posed by deck chairs. Then, he quizzes us all about Isle of Wight words beginning with C. Sharpen your wits.
  • Speaking of puzzles, we've got AltFacts for you, and another object guessing game.
  • When it comes to alternative facts, we really have you covered. You've heard of fairies at the bottom of the garden? These were on the Hoggetts' front porch.
  • Minorvogonpoet has risen magnificently to the challenge of changing the past. Her story has political import. Read 'The Traitor King', and respond.
  • Read this issue for unusual signs of the times.
  • We've got another historical literary find to share with you: believe it or not, there was a Prussian officer who decided to join the Confederate army back in 1860. His memoirs make entertaining reading. The major's musings fit right in with this week's writing column, entitled 'What Goes on in Your Mind?'
  • There is the usual random snark. We leave you to find it.

Read, comment, start polite arguments. Send me more Stuff! I want Create stories, photos, you name it. Be inspired by your ambience: nature, odd signage, the news, the 'news'. . . speaking of which, this last week, the US was in an uproar about a play in New York City's Central Park. It seems that in this play, a world leader is assassinated. The leader is portrayed by a blond actor with a red tie. . . er, the play was called Julius Caesar, and written by some Brit (a leftie, no doubt) by the name of Will Something-or-Other. The funniest bit was last Friday night, when some protester jumped up on the stage and accused the acting company of being 'worse than Goebbels'. Only he didn't speak German, so the audience thought he called them 'gerbils'. Eventually, they got back to burying Caesar.

So read the signs of the times. Share your discoveries with us. Go over to the announcement thread and help us build our meme. Go help Bluebottle and SashaQ think of ways to torment those chatbots. Get involved in the h2g2 Resistance to all things muddle-headed and mundane!

And have a wonderful week out there. Go watch some Shakespeare, if you can.

Announcement: The times and venues have been set for evening sessions of the h2g2 Summer Meets. Check the pages for info on London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Caracal by Willem.
  • The Hoggett Fairies, by Dmitri Gheorgheni.



  • The World War II blockhouse Superfrenchie found on the beach at Normandy.
  • A castle in Poland, flying a Confederate flag. You'll have to read the story to find out why.

  • June 2017 Create Challenge by Freewayriding.

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1This is not a reference to US politics, and has nothing to do with the Julius Caesar controversy.

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