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Posted: 22nd May 2017

All the Little Birdies Go
'Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!'

A dove on a post outside the Post Office. This week's Quotes of the Week:

'...anomalous monism is a hoot isn't it?' Psiomniac

'I've also felt so myself.' Robbie Stamp

'...and I dreamed last night that strawberry cake is served in the transit zone to fairy land.' Tavaron

'Today's Twitter gem: If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.' Dmitri

'Meow!' Superfrenchie

We read, we go out and explore, we think (yes, really, quiet in the back!), we photograph, draw, and write. And it comes to you every week at your local url, free gratis. As the Yiddish market vendor said in Paris waybackwhen, 'Quelle metziah!'

As our feathered and furred friends say, 'Bring more noms!'
Chippie the Chipmunk and his feathered friends.
So what have we got for you this week? All manner of wonderful things.

  • Willem's been on another exploratory journey into the wild wonders of his native South Africa. There was so much to see, it's in two parts, both in this issue. The Blouberg will knock your socks off. Who knew Earth looked like this?
  • Superfrenchie has been photographing random doings in la belle France. (Congrats on that new president, by the way!) See what you think about French cobblestone logic.
  • SashaQ has been really busy. First, putting that Cleverbot to the test. Then, coming up with an amazing use of Prof O'Leary's mapbot from Uncharted Atlas. Enjoy the guided tour of a place that the bot just made up!
  • Speaking of made-up things, Awix has been sitting in his favourite place – the cinema. He tells you, in some well-chosen words, what his companion summed up in one. Gross extraterrestrial monsters are involved,we gather.
  • We make mock of politicians who can't stay awake to the end of a sentence. We make fun of whoever named the Lizard Star. We espy the political incorrectness of your thoughts, you naughty people. We quiz you and riddle you and challenge you, as always.
A happy birdie on the bird feeder.
So, before you go back to tweeting on the web or twittering in the back garden, stop and give it all a read. Leave comments, get inspired. Remember, we can use artwork, photies, essays, rants, book reviews, film reviews, reviews of your neighbour's signage, guest quizzes (so the Editor can be lazier), Create challenge responses, solutions to the problem of Life, the Universe, and Everything. . . you name it. Send us anything but computer viruses. We will NOT pay the ransom.

And have a great week out there in the sunshine!

Magic TowelOfficial apology: The Post Editor apologies profusely for calling Freewayriding a 'motorcyclist', and promises never to do it again. Apparently, this is a faux pas around bikers. . .

Towel Day: Thursday, 25 May, is Towel Day. Do you know where your towel is? Your Editor is prepared this year with this spiffy Magic Towel from the Dollar Tree, obviously the sort of high-type emporium that hitchhikers shop at. The Magic Towel will expand when immersed in water, or the nearest equivalent liquid available at your spaceport. When hydrated, this towel shows a Superman symbol. The alternatives were Spiderman and Ninja Turtles, and Your Editor was feeling nostalgic.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Blouberg Approach by Willem.
  • A lavender tree by Willem.



  • James Kekela's Lincoln watch.
  • Dystopian cobbles by Superfrenchie.

  • Create May Challenge 2017.
  • Map of the Odorboz Shores.

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