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Posted: 30th January 2017

The Magic Bus (and Train, and Car, and….)

A brand-new car from 1909. Come away with me, Lucile, in my merry Oldsmobile….okay, that's a Packard. You can read all about it in this week's literary blast-from-the-past. But it's not all old news, nossir. We've got the latest in photojournalism here. Pictorial news from all over: Vienna, Polokwane, the USA, outer space, weird locations in the UK….you get the idea. Dig in, and let the photographers and artists know you appreciate. Find out where there's frozen beauty, and where beautiful birds hang out. Learn the latest crime story from Vienna's mean cobblestones.

Bluebottle's lazy this month. He's inveigled SashaQ into a guest spot on the SuperMarket report. You're going to enjoy 'The Editor's Cut'.

You're going to have to think hard this week. We have TWO quizzes. One involves our old friend and mentor, Icy North. He wants to improve your vocabulary so you stop cussing so much. Or at least, cuss more eloquently. Try working these new words into your vituperations this week. Astound your friends. The regular quiz this week is pure clickbait. We've decided to join those other sites in over-hyping our public domain Stuff. But of course, we have to do them one better by asking you quiz questions. So try your hand at TEN AMAZING PHOTOS YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE! Superfrenchie asked me if you were actually required to expire after doing the quiz. Er, no. We want you to hang around and read the Post some more.
Trams in Vienna in 1898. Nobody stole any that year, as far as we know.
We also have two cinema reviews, again. Awix's will be topical. When this editorial was written, we didn't know what it was, it was that topical. Now we are in a position to tell you that it is an insightful review of the moving film Lion.

Mine is a 1945 film of such astounding quality that it had the audience of two alternately gasping and groaning. In other words, coffee snortage was involved, also falling-off-chairs. If you've never seen Salome, Where She Danced, or even if you have, you may enjoy this bit of cinema critique fluff. This film won the Gheorgheni Critics' Award for Most Gratuitous Misuse of the Song 'O Tannenbaum' in a Western.

Later (1 February), Create will be along with a new monthly challenge. You'll really want to do this one – you will, we're telling you now – because it's wild, adventurous, and futuristic. It involves artificial intelligence. Tell us what you think about it. Share your personal encounters with our new computer overlords by snapping pictures of them left, right, centre, and at Underground entrances. Write Guide Entries (please) about What You Know about them. Step up to the Century of the Mechanical Fruit Bat. Be insightful. Be snarky. Just come up with something!

Walk softly, and pray for fog on Thursday. There's a ground hog napping. Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Grey hornbill by Willem.
  • The Short Brothers waving at an invisible airplane.



  • An icy Christmas forest.
  • Icicles and light.

  • Where to get married in Salome, Arizona.

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