When life gives you frozen lemons...

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Now you see why we moan. We get stories like this. So it works.

When life gives you frozen lemons...

Three websites, including this one, the twenty four hour news channels and my local radio station. One after another, wherever I turned for my morning fix of news and/or entertainment/irritation today have apparently all decided to moan about the weather, it's too wet here, America is freezing, Australia bakes etc. etc.

Enter the sunshine, well not literally sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless in the form of my ever enthusiastic, wonderfully optimistic and very talented French American friend.

The Nebraskan border is apparently colder than Santa's fridge at present, but here's a lady who will quite literally dig her way through six foot of snow to enjoy a few miles on her rather Gallic pedal cycle accompanied by her trusty camera.

You see, there's beauty in the cold, fantastic photos to be discovered and shared, wonderment in the art that nature produces every second of every year. This photo by "Frenchy" is quite simply stunning. whether you see just a frozen light shade or the eye of a vast ice giant, nature doesn't care, just enjoy the beauty.

Personally speaking, on those rare occasions it does actually properly become winter in my neck of the woods, forget the hat and scarf, the first thing I'll be grabbing is my camera!

So please if you are fortunate to live with nature, get out and take a few pics.

Icicles on a hanging light.

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