Create February 2017 Challenge: Prove You Pass the Turing Test

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Create February Challenge: Prove You Pass the Turing Test

February 2017 Create: Prove You Pass the Turing Test

Ah, thinking. So necessary in this modern world, and yet so rare on the internet. . .

Can machines think? Do you? Can you pass the Turing Test? How do you view artificial intelligence? Is it fundamentally different from naturally-occurring human-type ratiocination, or is our own consciousness purely epiphenomenal? (Once you've looked up the hard words, we're sure you'll have an opinion on the subject.)

This month, your Create Challenge is to take on Artificial Intelligence and win, by contributing to our list of possible Challenge ideas.

To conquer the world of Artificial Intelligence, you may:

  • Write a Guide Entry on a related AI topic, such as: the philosophy of artificial intelligence, some noted scientists, thinkers, or other workers in the field, or a major breakthrough. Or any related subject you may know about.
  • Chronicle your AI-related thoughts and experiences for the h2g2 Post.
  • Tackle a chatbot like Cleverbot, confuse the bejabbers out of it, and let us publish the results. See these examples to get you started.
  • Illustrate our discussion with your photos, artwork, or cartoon inspirations.
  • Write a poem about (or to) Artificial Intelligence.

We hope to publicise our philosophising and snarkiness on social media, so get cracking! The intelligence you save may be your own!

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