Amy P's 2017 UK Trip Itinerary

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This is very much a work-in-progress, liable to be changed at any time. Things in italics are must-dos and must-gos, bold italics are set1.

Oh, a link to the map would probably be a good idea... Other links may be added later2.

Fly from MFR July 20, arrive at LGW July 21.

London: July 21 to July 25

Stay with Agapanthus July 21 to July 25

Meet on July 22 (details to be determined)

Kew Gardens with MMF

Tower of London

Changing of the guard

Globe Theatre (Look into watching a play)


Victoria and Albert

Museum of London

Natural History Museum

British Museum

British Library: Lindisfarne Gospels and da Vinci's notelbooks? Yes, please!

Ride a double decker bus

Hever Castle

Hampton Court

Stratford upon Avon: July 26

Go with Ag, meet up with Mol, perhaps meet A

A village outside Northampton: July 26 to July 27

Stay with Mol July 26

Cambridge: July 27

See 2legs, W, Clive the Flying Ostrich3

Manchester: July 27 to July 31

Stay with Pastey and Alabaster to July 31

Meet at Pastey's brewpub July 29



Albert Hall

Town Square

Peak District: July 28 with Happy

Treak Cliff Cavern

Eyam Museum

Lincoln (though arriving on train at Grimsby): July 31 to August 2

Stay with Wand'rin Star

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Castle

Roman Walk

York: August 2

York Minster



Scotland: August 2 to August 6

Stay with zens from August 2 to August 6

Hopetoun House

Crannog Center

Clava Cairns

Loch Ness

Kilmarten Glen


Meet on August 5

It's possible that the meet could be somewhere other than Edinburgh, actually, I'm just assuming Edinburgh for now...

Take the Caledonian Sleeper from Edinburgh to London, August 6 to August 7

London: August 7

Fly from LGW on August 7, arrive at MFR August 8 around 12:30am. Stay overnight in Medford, as it is 2 hours from home.

Other possibilities, to be weeded through or slotted in




1As far as time and order is concerned.2Such as a link to the original Amy P's 2017 UK Trip...3Need to confirm with 2legs and Clive, which is the only reason this line isn't bolded...

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