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Posted: 7th November 2016

Blowing Our Own Horns

Some trombone players on the march. Yep, we're blowing our horns, because we have a lot of news and we want your attention. First of all, NaJoPoMo is well underway – that annual challenge that has the whole site typing its collective fingers off. Have you been keeping up with the daily journals? Read, leave comments. Enjoy Paul's squirrel tale (tail?), try a quiz, sing a hymn. Watch h2g2ers do what they do best: surprise and challenge you. It's going to be quite a month. We'll bring you highlights.

Have you sent in your 'Ideal Home' picture yet? The judges have extended the deadline by another week, so you still have time to win those tickets!

Remember that there's an AltChallenge for November. Journals are not the only items on the menu. There's also that Proust thing: yeah, the Frenchman with the pastries. In case you aren't sure about that, we've actually got that epoch-making Page in this week's issue, and Nigel and X'Bert demonstrate how food helps retrieve lost memories. In their case, it's a dubious one, but then, they eat a lot of junk food. We've got two worthier examples for you, a poem by Minorvogonpoet that is much better than we deserve after that joke, and a stroll down Freewayriding's ever-fascinating memory lane. Be sure to take the trip.

Ah, trips. That reminds me: Bluebottle was on one. It was on the Isle of Wight, did that surprise anyone? It involved busses and beer. You're going to love this. There are pictures, too.

You want to take a truly British head trip? Try Icy North's new crossword. He says he won't send me the answers until I've tried it. I've warned him that these crosswords are probably too arcane and esoteric for colonials.

Willem never stops surprising us. Did you know there was something that leaps around and is called a Bongo? Really? Well, I didn't, so now I feel foolish. However, I am ignorant no more. And the painting is stunning, as always.

Speaking of Africa, Awix has discovered a new movie about a Ugandan chess champion. Let him tell you about it.

h2gers have great things growing in their gardens. Tavaron has beautiful vines. SashaQ has. . . well, you'll just have to see this potato. We blame 2legs. Write snarky captions.

We're all about food this week. We'll quiz you about condiments, and tell you how to spice up your writing. Bluebottle is spot-on with this month's SuperMarket: the title is 'Royale with Cheese'. We don't know how he does it, seriously. Profusely illustrated, too. Catch up on news from the Edited Guide. And remember: your Proustian recipes belong in Peer Review.

Have I forgotten anything? Probably. Be sure to remind me if I've left out any of the news behind all these challenges, brain teasers, and opportunities for h2g2ers to shine. Shine on, my friends. And enjoy your week!

PS As this issue's date is 7 November, I feel obligated to remind you that Tuesday, 8 November, is Election Day in the US. US readers, go out and vote. It's your duty to save what's left of Western Civilisation by electing the least Vogon-like candidates on your ballot. This is important. Icelanders: congratulations on tripling the seats of your Pirate Party. Önnur stjarna til hægri, og strax á morgun1!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Bongo by Willem.
  • A climbing vine in Tavaron's garden, sporting fall colours.



  • An assortment of busses on the fabled Isle of Wight.
  • Zoo, Stew, and Waterloo.

  • Create's November NaJoPoMo Challenge, 2016
  • The Post/Create's November 2016 AltChallenge: Where Did the Thyme Go?

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1Ask Pierce the Pirate or Milla. We're sure they can read Icelandic.

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