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h2g2 Themed Crossword #1 - Really Together by Icy North

This is the first of an occasional series of themed cryptic crosswords. Beware, these are not for the faint-hearted: although conventionally cryptic, the clues or the solutions as entered into the grid may be modified in some way. All you need to know is written in the preamble below the grid. Good luck!

Themed Crossword Puzzle 1

Unclued entries 1a and 9 indicate ways a thematic fictional figure might describe themselves. The other eight clues each have a single misprint in the definition, which must be corrected (making real words) before solving. Taken in clue order, the correct letters identify the subject (initial plus surname). All the entries (apart from 1a and 9) may be found in the online Collins Dictionary.

  • 1. (see preamble)
  • 5. Clog dealer's beginning to chafe (4)
  • 7. Like fine tree: softly topped, waving (5)
  • 8. Pastey sometimes has this issue typing brackets (4)
  • 9. (see preamble)
  • 1. Dutchman handy with Basel's 2001 computer society (4)
  • 2. Whift: see nothing to stern (5)
  • 3. Monteverdi's port is fine in a cookie (5)
  • 4. Address accusation at mute child (5)
  • 6. Old organism spoken of in prison (4)
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